I just heard about the devastating 7.8 earthquake in central China. Having lived in California for 15 years, I know THAT is a big one.
It’s the largest earthquake in that region of the world for over a generation, according to seismologists. Plus it was shallow, meaning this quake will cause more damage.
As I was making breakfast for Claire after hearing the news, I realized what date it is today – 5.12.2008.
It immediately struck me – today adds up to the SAME number as May 3, 2008, the day Burma was hit by a major cyclone. These are both 18/9 days. This is absolutely no coinicidence.
First of all, any 9 day, month, year or cycle brings endings, release and change. The crust under central China released pressure today.
As I wrote last week concerning Burma, 18 in the Chaldean system is about spiritual and material conflict.
But there’s more to this number, and it is highly significant.
18 specifically warns about danger from the elements, such as fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, lightning and explosions.
When two major natural disasters happen on an 18 day, and they happen 9 days apart, I take notice. There is an underlying meaning to these dates in these two countries. For Burma, a country under military dictatorship, the ‘material wanting to destroy the spiritual’ definitely applies. Drastic political change is needed there.
For China, the underlying message may point to the current conflict in Tibet, where Buddhist monks and Tibetans are asking for more freedom and autonomy.
Whatever the case may be, the fact that a major earthquake struck China and a huge typhoon slammed into Burma –both on 18 days – point to a wake-up call to release everything that’s no longer useful or helpful in those regions of the world. This includes beliefs, ideas and thoughts which are outdated and even dangerous.
If you are born on an 18 day, there is much I can tell you about how to turn this vibration into one of triumph.
With Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. On Wednesday evening I answer personal numerology questions for members of the Inner Circle. If you’re not available, listen to the answer to your question later, on a special link for members only.

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