Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell
seemingly came out of nowhere to win the Delaware GOP Senate race last week.


She will face Democrat Chris Coons
in the November election.


O'Donnell is a very interesting


Her incredible rise is reflected
in two of her numbers. She has a 32/5 Life Purpose and a 23/5 Current Name.


This creates a very strong reverse
mirroring effect. And it happens to be with two powerful frequencies.


In fact, the ancient Chaldeans
referred to 32/5 as ‘The Politician's Number' because it gives the natural ability
to charm others with your magnetic presence and speech.


Plus, O'Donnell's 23 current name
gives her the strength of the ‘Royal Star of the Lion'.


Also, both numbers reduce to 5.
And 5 ties into Media – ensuring that O'Donnell will get lots of attention,
negative and positive.


Her victory occurred on September
14 – and 14 also reduces to a 5. In fact 14/5 IS the Media Number. So this date
was a perfect one to activate the 32/5 – 23/5 dynamic that O'Donnell has.


Additionally, September 14 was a 7
Personal Day for O'Donnell. Usually 7 is a number indicating rest and retreat
when it appears in your current cycles. It also brings on events that come out
of nowhere.


Like O'Donnells' big surprise.


For Christine O'Donnell, 7 takes
on an additional meaning.


You see, her Destiny Number –
which describes her career – reduces to 7. So on the 14th of
September O'Donnell's career was lit up in lights.


As you may know, O'Donnell
candidacy is defined by her religious beliefs befitting her 7 Destiny/career


Here's the thing. O'Donnell's full
Destiny is 88/16/7. Indicating she will have a crown on her head many times
during her life with many ‘falls from a high place.' If you research her life,
you can see this pattern.


Do I see her winning in November. Probably


Chris coons.jpg

Her opponent, Chris Coons, has
better numbers on Election Day. Plus he made a good decision about his name.


But he MUST stick with his
decision, or else O'Donnell could come in with a surprise upset.


I knew Chris in college as ‘Chris
Coons' – he was in my class at Amherst.


That name resonates to a
challenging 12/3.


Fortunately he is being touted now
as ‘Christopher A. Coons' – a highly fortunate 17/8, guaranteeing he'll leave a
legacy behind.


Here's the thing. He has to use
that name at all times to truly activate its fortunate frequency. Otherwise
‘Christine O'Donnell' may come in and steal the limelight.


Yes, your current name has a huge
effect on your life. It is your Activator. A fortunate name activates your
birth numbers and cycles positively. A challenging name brings on unnecessary


Check your current name or
business names right now during the final hours of my 33-hour Surprise Sale.


You have until midnight to order.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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