Welcome to a special elongated episode covering the profound Star Code message surrounding COVID-19.

We’ll uncover hidden dynamics, secret symbols, messages and maps by decoding the Astrology and Numerology to help you understand, heal and liberate yourself from fear.

You will be able to connect the dots and make sense of what is going on in the world in 2020.

All is coming to a head in the month of March – a 7 Universal Month in 2020.

7 is the vibration of rest, rejuvenation, gathering knowledge and receiving wisdom, appreciating nature and taking quiet time for research.

2020 is made up of two 20’s – vibration of harmony, patience, bringing energy into BALANCE and kindness.

In other words – it’s high time for a TIME-OUT.

There is a lot of energy in play now in the stars, name codes and numbers that point to an UNDENIABLE FORCE

We will look at the Force as a Force for GOOD.

A celestial surge that is FORCING us to make changes that we otherwise would NOT HAVE MADE.

So in this special Star Codes Episode we’ll uncover…

  • The Astrology and Numerology codes for the virus.
  • The meaning of the name and number for “Covid-19” which is shortened for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”. We’ll look at BOTH.
  • And we will dive deeply into HOW to navigate this incredible shift on Earth in play now. What does it all mean?

We’ll end with tips on how to grow, surrender and expand, especially now as life as you know it has ended.

These times are unprecedented.

2020 is unprecedented.

The impact of the 22° Capricorn Stellium that began our decade in January is in full play now.

Be sure to watch Episode 50 – an energetic update will help you stay calm, happy, revitalized and feel blessed.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Light, Healing and Love are in play now in a big way, so share the energy of LIBERATION and LOVE freely with anyone – and without reservation! May we all support and nourish each other during this tremendous time of transformation.