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daughter is getting a puppy soon. She's already named her ‘Star' – after the
stars in the sky.


It reminds me when we first came
to Sedona and noticed more than a few residents had New Age names. Names they
weren't born with but changed to once they moved here.


You'll find this in other places
like Santa Fe, Yelm and Mount Shasta.


New Agers enjoy calling themselves
or their children by names such as Light, Crystal, Heaven, Ocean, Sunrise,
Gaia, Aurora, Liberty, or Stardust.


When it comes to Hollywood Celeb's
kids – things get even stranger.


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Frank Zappa started this trend
back in 1967 when he named his daughter ‘Moon Unit'. As bizarre as that is, it's
pretty much expected from Frank Zappa. But how do you explain Sylvester Stallone's
‘Sage Moonblood'? Or Jason Lee's ‘Pilot Inspektor'?


Here are some other bizarre names.


Jackson, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Brooklyn Beckham, Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette,
Rocket Rodriguez, Racer Rodriguez, Rebel Rodriquez, Rogue Rodriguez, Apple Martin,
Kyd Duchovny, Memphis Eve (Bono), Fifi Trixibell Geldoff, Peaches Geldoff,
Pixie Geldoff, Camera Ashe (Arthur Ashe), Ireland Baldwin, Chastity Bono – now
Chaz, and Hopper Penn.


makes me wonder if the parents suffered some kind of attention withdrawal.


named after a thing, place or feeling can present difficulties for the child.
There will be internal and external hurdles to overcome.


You may
wonder – if the name adds up to a fortunate current name vibration, isn't it ok
to use?


Yes, it
helps. But the teasing and other mental and emotional consequences may outweigh
a very strange name – even if the number is fortunate.


So, if
you are thinking of naming your child after a tree, city or strange noun – you
may want to save it for your pet. Pets don't have to deal with the consequences
like a human being will for the rest of his or her life.


course, make sure your choice adds up to a fortunate number.





P.S. Any
names you choose – for websites, businesses, books or products – will affect
your future. So it's always advisable to check important names

especially your OWN.

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