Time for some fun. I’ve mentioned before how I’m a fan of figure skating. Recently I became a fan of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’
Yesterday, while Clay was downstairs recording a DVD, I was catching up with Monday’s show. It’s great how you can access full shows online and skip all the commercials.
What drew me in this year is none other than Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristi Yamaguchi. As it turns out she’s the favorite to win.
Funny how this physically demanding competition favors world-class athletes. Like NFL running back Emmit Smith, 3 time Super Bowl champion and the NFL's all time rushing leader. He won in 2006.
Or Olympic Gold Medalist speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno. Winner in the Spring of 2007. Followed by two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, Helio Castroneves who won ‘Dancing With The Stars’ at the end of last year.
This time around, the only other amateur coming close to matching Kristi and her pro dance partner, Mark Ballas, is another athlete – NFL Man of the Year Award-winner and Defensive End, Jason Taylor.
Let’s not forget Marlee Matlin. Not an athlete, but she’s deaf. Imagine not hearing the music, just a faint rumbling rhythm. This Oscar-winning actress is a huge inspiration. Talk about overcoming your fears – on live national television.
I particularly like one of the other pros – dancer Derek Hough. Yes, I know his younger sis Julianne won the past two years. I wasn’t watching then. But one thing I know. Whether Derek wins with his amateur partner, actress and poker player Shannon Elizabeth this year or not, he IS going to make it big.
In fact, Derek and his sister Julianne both share the SAME current name vibration – the Immortality Number. Meaning both siblings will leave behind a legacy.
Derek‘s Life Purpose Number is 36/9. An incredibly emotional and expressive vibration. 9 is the number of completion and signifies leadership.
36 gives him high ideals. He’s intuitive and loves very deeply. Beautiful music moves him to the core – the creative arts are where he feels most at home. In fact 36 allows him to be very dramatic and have a lot of zest for life.
It’s the combo of the zest, drama and fluid expression I’m drawn to when I watch him dance.
Derek is also extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings, something you can see clearly in how he treats his current partner Shannon Elizabeth, who can get quite nervous. His greatest happiness comes from helping, counseling and leading others.
By the way, he and Shannon have quite a big numbers connection – I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if they end up romantically involved.
What does he need to watch out for. Like all 9s, Derek Hough has to guard against being a perfectionist and measuring himself against ideal standards.
So why has Derek been to the hospital twice already in the last couple of weeks. One time for a pulled neck strain and then again on Monday, the day the show goes live, for food poisoning. No wonder his partner’s been so nervous.
It’s all part of the fast and furious tempo common in a 5 Personal Year. Derek will undergo many changes in 2008. He’s experiencing the feeling of freedom that comes with abundance, travel, and yes, possibly marriage which is also favorable this year for him. He’ll likely be signing contracts that will change his life.
Let’s get back to his current name – the Immortality Number 17.
There’s one other important link his name has to his Blueprint – Personal Numerology Blueprint. What’s extraordinary is this. Derek is also BORN on the 17th. A double reinforcement, pretty much ensuring he will leave behind some kind of legacy.
So, there you have it. Another star whose current name has been instrumental in helping him rapidly advance towards his destiny.
Make sure YOUR name activates your destiny in the most fortunate way possible.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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