A few minutes ago David Paterson was sworn in as New York Governor. Earlier, Heather Mills won a huge settlement from Paul McCartney.
Both events have important ties to each of their Personal Numerology Blueprints in 2008.
David Paterson has officially taken Eliot Spitzer’s place as the new Governor of New York. He’s going to serve 3 remaining years of the 3rd largest state. If you haven’t heard, Paterson is legally blind.
What makes 2008 so important for Paterson is that it exactly matches his Life Purpose Number – a vibration of power and abundance as well as overcoming obstacles. You could definitely say, he’s experienced both sides of this number.
He’s come a long way – while an infant, an infection left him with no sight in his left eye and nearly no vision in his right eye.
After law school, he failed the New York bar examination. He says that he didn’t receive enough assistance for his visual impairment during the exam and has since asked for changes in bar exam procedures.
It’s obvious, Paterson has suffered his share of obstacles – befitting his Life Purpose Number – but has never let them get him down. His highly fortunate name has been immensely helpful in securing that he’s well taken care of.
David Paterson’s great name has helped him tremendously. It adds up to 15/6, a truly lucky vibration giving him the ability to express himself eloquently – hence his elegant humor – and imparting a compelling charisma and strong magnetism.
15 is especially good for receiving favors and gifts from others. People will always want to help Paterson succeed.
So the combo of his Life Purpose and Personal Year numbers being in total harmony in 2008, combined with his great name, have paved the way for Paterson to enjoy the limelight at this moment in time.
Amazingly, the Ancient Chaldeans revealed that a ‘15’ person can shine light into the darkness and bring happiness to others.
If you have the chance to watch Paterson speak, he exemplifies these qualities. He’s a very relaxed, happy person who uses humor like a magic wand. 15 is symbolized by the spiritual magician.
As for Heather Mills – she too is benefiting from a Personal Year that directly ties into her Blueprint. 2008 is a 14/5 Year for her. Her name adds up to the same number – also called the Media Number.
Her 5 Year is also in harmony with her Life Purpose – a number 1.
Since 5 represents change, adventure, risk and freedom – Mills’ life was bound to change this year.
Also notice it was Heather, not Paul McCartney, who chose to speak to the press today. Her Media Number certainly keeps her in the public eye. And that means good and bad press. Consider Paul is experiencing a 7 Personal Year right now – a quiet, very private time for inner reflection. So he won’t be talking much, if at all.
How does Mills’ newfound wealth tie into David Paterson’s story. Well, the month of March happens to be an 8 Personal Month for Heather. And that means Power and Abundance. 8 is also a number of fateful events. Both Heather and David are at the receiving end of the powerful 8 vibration this time around.
Two people. For whom 2008 directly ties into their Personal Numerology Blueprints. Always fascinating to watch.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. You’ll be amazed at what your Blueprint reveals – not only about your destiny but your current name vibration and much, much more. Watch how you view your life in a totally new and glorious light after discovering the hidden meaning in your name and numbers.

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