I don't drink coffee, but I like meeting friends who do. When a friend asked me to meet her for coffee at a local Starbucks on Saturday, an interesting thing happened.

Halfway there we were stopped by construction traffic, changed our plans, made a U-Turn and ended up at another café.

This little detour away from Starbucks reminded me about the company's current woes. Earlier this month news came that signifies a ‘Starbucks on every corner' might not be ringing so true anymore soon.

Starbucks revealed they're closing 600 stores, most of which opened since 2006. That means as many as 12,000 current employees are leaving the company. The company's stock has been sliding for a year and is now down nearly 50 percent.

All this comes as no surprise.

You see ‘Starbucks' adds up to 26/8 in the Chaldean system – the one I use for current names. You would think an 8 name is good for business. It depends on the number. A 26/8 name will attract wealth, that's true. At the same time this number has a way of being quite extravagant.  One sign of this is that the person or company with this name number is tempted to invest in other people's projects and can therefore be taken advantage of.

For example, Starbucks at first was known for it's good gourmet coffee. When we travel, my husband Clay knows he can always find a good espresso at any Starbucks. Consistency was the key.

Then the core of their business expanded. Really expanded. They began selling other company's products. Like New Age music CDs.

The extravagance and fateful nature of the 26 came into full force when Starbucks began producing movies such as the box office bomb ‘Akilah and the Bee.' The title for that movie by the way is a 13/4 which connects it fatefully to the 26/8 name for ‘Starbucks.' The combo of Starbucks' 8 name and ‘Akilah and the Bee's ‘4' name was a hint there could be challenges on the horizon.

Then entrepreneur Howard Schultz bought a basketball team and began hanging out with old-time rock stars. Never a good idea. Remember the warnings – beware of behaving extravagantly and beware of listening to bad advice. Well, by now those were in full force.

Now Starbucks is trying to recover by making a new brewed coffee called Pike Place to match what Dunkin Donuts offers. That's a good move. However they're also going to branch out into ‘healthy' protein boosted smoothies and a new frozen drink.

I predict Starbucks won't recover to previous heights. Unless they reinvent themselves with a new fortunate name.

Luckily their company name is ‘Starbucks Corporation'. I say luckily because that name adds up to a highly fortunate number. So the company will survive. Their coffeehouse chain named ‘Starbucks' though needs to they reinvent itself.

Reinventing yourself from time to time is a good thing to do in any case. Life isn't meant to be a battle. Life is a game of the imagination. Someone imagined a gourmet coffeehouse on every corner and manifested the idea into reality. With their current hurdles, a new approach is needed.

Someone once said that imagination is the ‘scissors of the mind.' Yes indeed. Imagination – a word which adds up to the powerfully creative 33 – is constantly reinventing itself.

Now Starbucks Corporation could use those pair of scissors to cut a new version of their flagship store, which includes – a revised fortunate name.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Your own name is only limited by your imagination. Make sure it adds up to a good, helpful number.

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