With so much stellar and earthly shifts in play, how do you interpret the big picture?

How do you hone in on the pertinent information for right NOW?

Watch for the signs.

When you come across a sign or symbol, don't see it in a vacuum – but part of an ongoing bigger story.

Hone in on current elements to create a thread that has meaning for you.

Every pearl in a necklace tells a unique story – and each person expresses the succession of pearls in their own personal way.

Thus, the key is to tune into what matters to you NOW.

Allow symbols, dates, intuitive inspirations, names, serendipitous events to guide you…

… while always keeping in mind the greater whole.

You are constantly being nudged.

Sometimes the nudge is stronger than other times – especially now, as heavenly codes undergo a tremendous shift at the same time.

Never before has the universe spoken so clearly.

Since your observations skills are super acute in 20/20, you can SEE with greater clarity as each day passes.

Make it a daily practice to appreciate the richness of life.

You in turn will be replenished!

The universe is expanding, growing, ever in creation mode.

You too have ABUNDANCE programmed into your Star Code.

You are highly sensitive to the vibrations around you. What you do, say, think about impacts you more rapidly than ever.

  • Abundance is a decision.

Pay close attention to how you use your gifts and abilities as an intuitive to channel inspiration and information.

That is a DECISION you make.

(Remember, it is up to you as to whether you choose to share your gifts. Now it's getting increasingly difficult to say “no” to that inner voice.)

At this time, allow yourself to be guided through keen observation.

When you do, you’ll consistently receive powerful answers on how to uplift your life – and other people’s lives by extension.

If you nurture others through the esoteric healing arts, through supporting their awakening, give yourself the SPACE to explore the seen and unseen, the timelessness of each person's mission.

As you surrender and listen, your insights deepen. You express the colors, joy, beauty and wisdom within you.

HEAR the call.

Make it happen! Take the reigns! Uplift and love.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle