After the news broke about Geraldine Ferraro, I suspected I’d find a numbers connection to Hillary Clinton.
This morning, after making my daughter her breakfast shake, I checked their numbers. My hunch was confirmed. Both Ferraro and Clinton are born on a 26 day. Usually folks who share the same day of birth, have a strong bond.
When that day happens to be a number that reduces to either a 4 or an 8 – well, the bond can be seen as fateful. 26/8 is one of those numbers.
Supposedly Ferraro said in a speech a while back that Barack Obama wouldn't be where he is in the presidential race if he weren't black. Well, that rubbed many people, including Obama, the wrong way.
Ferraro’s comments were picked up and brought to the attention of the news media causing yet another stir in an increasingly divisive campaign.
So how does the 26/8 connection between Ferraro and Clinton come into play?
Let’s just say this. People who are born on a day that reduces to 8 seem influenced by a fatalistic tendency. They’re actually more ‘people of fate’ than the 4 vibration. Here’s what sets them apart.
They can be just as devoted, hard-working, noble and diligent as others – and often are more-so – but can feel that they don’t receive the rewards they’re entitled to. They have a tendency to think they should be getting more recognition. This is partly because, as 8s, their path to success isn’t easy. In fact they usually have more obstacles to overcome than others do.
Often they manage to rise high to a position of authority – which also burdens them with long hours and stressful responsibilities. 8 people also manage to amass wealth at some point in their life. All these are symbols of the Number 8.
When two 8s come together, the 8 and 8 combo can be symbolized by some kind of sacrifice, willingly or not.
Much of what happens is stuff that literally ‘comes out of nowhere.’ It often stings and leaves negative impressions. Geraldine Ferraro has not helped Clinton with her remarks about Obama. While John McCain is on a goodwill mission in Europe, the two Democrats are left behind squabbling about race and gender.
On a more positive note, I received a funny response to my newsletter about Leo DiCaprio –
“Hi Tania,
“Yup. Interesting stuff. Can't wait for what you have to say about mine. If you say I have to change my name to Leo I don't know what I'm going to do.”
Michael, I never know WHAT I’m going to do with a name that needs a change. I’ll get to your Is My Name Fortunate? report this weekend. Will let you know then if you need a complete name overhaul. Just kidding, of course.
Usually, I’ll respell your first or last name. Occasionally, I’ll create a new version of your first or last name. But going form Michael to Leo – nah, that won’t happen.
Getting a Name Makeover might just be the next big thing. I can tell you that both Hillary and Geraldine could use one.
To check the status on your own Current Name, go to
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. On Monday I started my own weekly radio show called By The Numbers. This week’s show features a special guest who reveals the ancient Mayan secrets behind the letters ‘G’ and ‘T’. You’ll also hear my in depth profile of Person of the Week Hillary Clinton and much, much more. Listen to By The Numbers now.

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