I’ve always liked Halle Berry. While catching up on emails last week during a rainy morning, I noticed one reader asking whether Halle’s newborn girl had a good name.
I was intrigued. After all, Berry has had her ups and downs. So I wanted to look at her name and numbers first.
‘Halle Berry’ resonates to an 11, meaning she’ll feel a sense of incompletion running through her life. You can definitely get a sense of that ‘incomplete’ feeling in her relationships.
Berry married and divorced twice. Her first breakup from baseball player David Justice caused her to nearly become suicidal. After she separated from her second husband, musician Eric Benét, Halle stated, ‘I want love, and I will find it, hopefully.’
In 2005 she met French Canadian model Gabriel Aubrey. After six months Halle exclaimed, ‘I'm really happy in my personal life, which is a novelty to me. You know, I'm not the girl that has the best relationships,’
You can see how the 11 is at work here.
Other ‘ups’ have included her Academy Award-winning performance for Monster’s Ball in 2001. Followed by a ‘down’ moment when Berry asked for a higher fee for Revlon advertisements after winning the Oscar. Ron Perleman, Revlon’s chief, congratulated her and said how happy he was Halle modeled for his company. Her reply, ‘Of course, you'll have to pay me more.’ Perleman supposedly walked away with rage.
It’s clear, Halle Berry is a gifted and stunningly beautiful actress. The camera adores her. One of her numbers explains her magnetic and photogenic qualities.
She is born on a 14 Day. If you remember from yesterday – Charlton Heston also had this number in his Blueprint. 14 is the ‘Media Number.’ And is perfect for anyone in movies, tv or any other type of media.
Then there’s her Life Purpose Number, an 8 – a strong vibration of power and abundance. Gabriel Aubry, her current partner, is born on the 4th. Again, we can see the fateful 8 and 4 connection in play. He also has an 11 name just like Berry. They certainly understand each other.
As for their baby daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, here is what I found.
She was born on the 16th, and therefore could use a great current name. Her Destiny Number is 68/14. There’s the Media Number again, so I won’t be surprised if she follows into her parents footsteps. Plus it gives her a strong connection to her mom.
IF she goes by Nahla Aubry, she’s in very good hands. That name adds up to one of the most fortunate numbers out there. It would pretty much guarantee great rewards as well as balance out her more challenging 16 Day of Birth.
I don’t recommend she go by Ariela Aubry, or her full name Nahla Ariela Aubry.
One reason I look at celebrities’ lives is that they help us understand numbers in action. Using living examples brings the incredible and ancient science of numerology to life. Whether it’s you or a celebrity, your name and your blueprint is actively affecting your life right now.
So make sure your name is a GOOD one.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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