Most people know Magic Johnson’s story. Yet I bet you don’t know what happened to his life once he accepted his name “Magic.”
Johnson’s Numerology story and how it changed his destiny is a riveting one.
Magic’s birth name was Earvin Effay Johnson. The three core numbers for that name ALL point to someone who wants to write, compose, teach or act.
The Destiny is 9, the Soul Number is 6 and the Inner Dream/Personality 3 are All emotional numbers. This is a trilogy of vibrations which any actor, writer or speaker would love to have.
Well, did you know, Johnson had absolutely NO interest in becoming a basketball star in college? Rather, he focused on his studies in communications in order to be a TV commentator! The numbers of his birth name were still in full force.
But then a funny thing happened. The name ‘Magic’ stuck. And within two years, Magic’s life changed from budding TV commentator to NCAA basketball star who made himself eligible for the NBA Draft. His Destiny was totally altered when he embraced his new name, and the rest is history.
The numbers for Magic Johnson are VERY different than for Earvin Effay Johnson. Magic’s new name positively drips with Leadership, because the numbers add up to two very powerful Master Numbers, 11 and 22.
11 is a symbol of reaching your highest potential, and thereby inspiring humanity. It is a Master Number of Leaders. The double 1 signifies double creativity and energy. It is a magnificent number, a challenging vibration, because it has a great deal of tension and power.
Having a 22 Soul Number with the name Magic Johnson, gave him the Inner Gifts of a master team builder. It is a number of physical accomplishment and shows strength and cooperation with great communication skills.
Without this name change, Magic would have had a really tough time creating the energy and motivation to become the star he STILL is today.
His story shows yet again that Pythagorean Numerology is a science. Knowing what your numbers conveyed about your life, allows you to rise up the ladder of success and happiness as fast as a speeding bullet train. Finding out what gifts you have to offer the world gives peace of mind like nothing else can.
You’ll be amazed when you read what is revealed about you in your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint –Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint. Not only that, you’ll want to get one for your family and friends because they are that inspiring.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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