Next Monday is a big day for me. Before I committed to this particular day, I made sure it lined up well for me numbers-wise.
Sometimes though, we have no control over certain big days in our lives. Either way, you want to know what the numbers signify. In January one of my Inner Circle members asked me about a very important date – one that would affect her life in a big way.
What this story will show you is how the numbers in your life play a big role. And it’s how you respond to the cycles in your life that provide the key to happiness.
Why do I say this? Because my client is currently in 16/7 year – the cycle of unforeseen and sudden events, which are intended to shake up existing conditions. Numerologists will say, a 16 year can be challenging. Yes – and no. It all depends on how flexible you are.
Last time I had a 16 year, my life was transformed. We sold our home in Santa Monica and invested in another one on the East coast. The whole plan was to raise our newborn daughter away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. life. I have never looked back and am grateful for all the sudden events which led to our decision.
In the same way, my client shows how a 16 Personal Year can be used to break through and release old patterns.
She was seriously injured in a car accident 18 years ago and suffers from severe nerve pain. Her health insurer is suing her to get out of paying her medical bills. Now she has to prove her treatments are medically necessary. Needless to say, she was very interested to know if the court date in February was a good number for her.
I told her, in addition to her 16 year, she would be in an 18/9 Personal Month in February and that her Personal Day on Feb. 19 would be a 1. Taken as a whole this indicated her trial would come to a conclusion – and not drag on yet again. Then I said this.
She would feel a tremendous sense of healing at its conclusion.
I also assured her that her current life would stop being in a holding pattern.
So, my verdict for her personally, was that on February 19, 2008, she would be able to move on. It was a good day for her.
Then she sent me this update.
“Hi Tania,
“I just had to write and thank you for your answer to my question as a member of the Inner Circle. You were right on target. I asked about a trial on my health insurance. My insurer sued me to avoid paying my bills.
“WE WON in a unanimous decision! More than I even asked for. My attorney was so amazing that almost all the testimony of their witness was stricken from the record before the jury even saw it, and it seemed as if the opposing counsel was actually helping ME. You said I was going to have a great day, and it looked like I could win, even though I did not have anyone else's information except names. They might appeal; but for now, I am on cloud nine.
“You gave me so much confidence that I wasn't even nervous testifying. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I am so thrilled for you, M.E. I have to tell you, what’s most fulfilling is that you gained the confidence allowing you to feel strong, balanced, and poised so you could enter your important day with peace of mind.
Numbers helped M.E. on her important court date. They activated her conscious and subconscious mind in a powerful way.
They can for you too.
One way is to join my Inner Circle where you can ask me about a specific date, your Destiny Number, your Personal Year, your City and Address Numbers, your Relationships, your current name and much, much more. The Inner Circle meets again on Monday March 10 at 8pm EST.
For all of you who aren’t members yet, go and join today.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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