The McCaughey Septuplets turned 10 years old exactly one month ago. Seven different names, same day of birth. It’s a fascinating story.
When a friend of mine forwarded me an article on the world’s first surviving septuplets – it got my attention. Every one of the McCaughey Septuplets has his or her distinct personality, and, I wanted to look at each of their current names to confirm their differences in numbers.
Remember, astrologers can’t do this. These seven siblings were born within six minutes, after all.
Unveiling what is unique about each person who has a twin – or septuplet – showcases one of the true benefits of numerology. Yes, their Life Purpose Number and Day of Birth are shared. But each one of their names is unique and emits a vibration that is going to affect them differently every day.
And therein lies the secret code. Let’s look at how seven names are playing out for each septuplet.
Kenny is the firstborn. His nickname is Hercules. He’s the wild one, jumping off things and always getting hurt. He’s concerned about the Afghan an Iraq wars. His name adds up to 22/4, a Master number, which won’t give him the easiest of lives.
22 requires tremendous inner strength. He’ll have to be careful about his wild side, since 22 warns of dangers and mistakes in judgments. Master numbers always ask more of you. And so it’s no surprise then that his sister Alexis has the same name number. She too is exuberant, and wants to try, see and taste everything. However, with cerebral palsy, she can’t have things as fast as her siblings.
Speaking of mastery, these seven siblings share the Life Purpose number 38/11. This Master vibration gives them immense courage, power and talent with strong feelings of leadership. Fame and recognition are likely with this vibration. This has obviously been the case for them.
38/11 also makes each sibling feel like he or she is on a highly specific mission.
Take, for example Natalie. She’s a very smart straight-A student, loves to read and wants nothing more than to be a doctor – or stay-at home mom. Funny combination, right? Well, not really. Natalie wants to help kids like her sister Alexis. Her name adds up to 15/6, a number reflecting her great urge to help. 15 is the enchanting number of magic, alchemy and altruism. 6 symbolizes the cosmic parent. The 15 name ensures that Natalie is blessed with the gift to bring happiness to others.
And then there is Brandon, the fearless one. He likes guns, airplanes and tanks. Wants to join the Air Force. His biggest dream is to be a warrior and a hero. Hmm.
Again, amazingly Brandon’s urge is expressed in his name. 21/3 is a symbol of victory over all odds and opposition. It is also a really fortunate number. What better description of a warrior and hero than that he is victorious after many tests of determination.
Nathan has cerebral palsy just like his sister Alexis. And like her, his name resonates to a less fortunate number, 16/7. Where Alexis’ 22/4 carries a palpable energy of wanting to take risks, the 16/7 is more introverted and quiet. His parents say Nathan has been wanting to fly, even when he couldn’t walk.
‘He’s thoughtful, observant and just says the most interesting things.’ Yes, the 16/7 delves deeply. Listening to his inner voice is crucial with this name number. If the opportunity arises I would love to help Nathan by changing the spelling of his name to reflect a fortunate number.
Joel’s name adds up to a 20/2. He’s the quiet one, always sticking to himself, and unlike the rest of his brothers, not interested in competitive sports.
Again, his name provides big clues. 20/2 is the number of the peacemaker, a gentle vibration describing someone who dislikes rudeness. Competitive sports can certainly come off as rude to certain sensitive kids. With a 20 name he’ll have vivid precognitive dreams. No wonder Joel talks about outer space and wanting to be a scientist.
And finally we have the uninhibited tomboy Kelsey. She says whatever comes into her mind. An extroverted girl who loves to hug others, Kelsey has the magnetism befitting her 14/5 name. 5 is the number for adventure and freedom – many athletes have this number in their blueprint. 14 gives her magnetic communication with the public. If you look at Kelsey, you can see how this would apply.
While I did some research for today, I noticed Kelsey was the one who was interviewed year after year. She was featured in print and on camera more than any of her siblings. It’s obvious her media number name is active even during childhood.
Twins, triplets and multiple birth children are undeniable proof that names are your biggest indicator of success – or difficulty.
Though multiple birth kids share the same birthday, their names provide the biggest clue as to what makes them so different. My stepmother, an identical twin, can attest to this in great detail.
What influence does your name have on your life right now. Are you one of many who has not expressed your gifts fully. Talents which remain under lock and key because you lack the resources, both physically and mentally, to nurture them.
Allow your Personal Pythagorean Blueprint to create a successful, healthy and prosperous life for you. Remember, your blueprint ENSURES you have a fortunate name.
This highly personal document is an enabling device like no other. What better way to start 2008 than to order your 23-27 page report Now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Today is the 10th anniversary of the opening night for the movie ‘Titanic’ – the most lucrative film in history. Titanic is a 19 name opening on a 19 day. It also had the bestselling instrumental soundtrack ever. No coincidences there – 19 is an incredibly fortunate number. The first Septuplets ever were born on a 19 day too. Your day of birth matters. And your current name matters even more. Make sure you have a GOOD name.

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