My husband is home from L.A. for a couple of days where he is leading the orchestra as 1st violinist for Pixar's ‘Up' soundtrack.

While talking to a fellow violinist in the orchestra, he heard that California was going to have to issue IOU's instead of state tax refunds come April.

Huh? Well, I knew California was bankrupt. But what do you do with an IOU. Especially in this economy.

I wanted to know more about California's blueprint and current cycle.

With a population of 36.5 million, this beautiful state is home to nearly one in eight Americans. California has a 1.8 trillion economy the 8th largest in the world.

This month California is slated to run out of money.

Governor Schwarzenegger said in January that his state is ‘heading towards a financial Armageddon' as sales, personal income and corporate tax collections continue to tank.

Born on the 9th and with a 32/5 Life Purpose, California is certainly a major force in the world. Consider, the U.S. has the same 32/5 Life Purpose number. It resonates to a magical power to sway masses of people.

With Silicon Valley the global center of high technology, Hollywood the center of the movie industry and the San Joaquin Valley one of the world's largest produce providers – this state has had incredible influence worldwide.

Add California's 52/7 Destiny Number, giving a strong interest in exploring scientific matters, philosophy and mysticism, and you have yourself a potent recipe – a melting pot of cultures, attitudes and beliefs. The 7 also has an isolating influence.

Additionally, the 52/7 and 32/5 combination indicates sudden events, like earthquakes.

Just last night we saw these two numbers, 7 and 5, activated. Continental Flight 3407 crashed in Buffalo, NY, a devastating disaster.

Since numbers are a language, I looked at yesterday's date and flight number to start making connections. I could not find the address of the single home the plane crashed into – the one silver lining in this disaster with only one fatality on the ground.

3407 adds up to 14 which reduces to 5. Yesterday, February 12, 2009 adds up to 16 which reduces to 7.

So the 5 and 7 combination was active. As I look at more details, such as ‘Colgan Air', a fateful 26/8 name, and passenger info, the numbers will tell even more

Back to California. I noticed something about 2009 in relation to California's important personal numbers.

In 2009 this state will be experiencing the 29/11 all year long. Considering that 2009 is also an 11 Universal Year, this number will be intensified.

Here's what struck me.

11 is in conflict with both California's two important numbers, 5 and 7. That means it's going to be a challenging year for this state and her inhabitants.

Consider, Indonesia is in a 29/11 month right now and has already had several large earthquakes in February. Remember, we're all in an 11 Universal Year. That's not necessarily what will happen in California, but this potent recipe of numbers does heighten the chance for unexpected and powerful events.

Since California is part of the U.S.A there are additional numbers at play as well. America is experiencing a big 22/4 Personal Year right now. 4 covers the earth, buildings and fire.

Australia is in a 22/4 Personal Month right now, a number that triggers important parts of her blueprint as well.

Though these numbers indicate bigger, more dramatic events, keep in mind 11 and 22 cycles can also be very liberating.

Saturday Clay is heading back for a week of rehearsals and pre-records – he's leading the orchestra for the Oscars. I'm not concerned about him being back in his home state. I did notice the Academy Awards take place on the 22nd. Should be interesting.

Remember to check your Personal cycles for the next 12 months. Foreknowledge is a powerful motivator AND success generator.

Get your 2009 Blueprint today.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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