On June 1st Al and
Tipper Gore announced their divorce after 40 years of marriage.


Of course I checked their
compatibility, and not surprisingly, they make a great team. I can see why they
were married so long. Four out of six of their shared categories are in


40 years is a long time – even
more so when your life is in the media spotlight. For Tipper number 40 is very
significant. Her Life Purpose Number is 40/4. So I believe this split will
allow her to recognize and explore inner gifts that have been dormant up until


Change is a given. Right now every
one of us is experiencing big shifts. These changes are reflected in our sun
and planets as well. More of the same is coming our way as 2010 progresses.


The specific timing and meaning
for these events is found in current personal cycles.


For Al Gore 2010 is a 1 Personal
Year. He just ended a 9-year cycle and is beginning a new one. This major
transition is only felt a few times in your life.


I believe it was Al Gore who
initiated the change in his marital status. His life is very different now than
it was 9 years ago.


Interestingly, June is a 9
Personal Month for Tipper Gore, indicating endings. The actual day of their
divorce announcement – June 1 – is not only a 1 Universal Day but also a 1
Personal Day for Tipper, showing a new beginning.


Since Tipper is in a 3 Personal
Year, it is a great time for her to be social, creative and enjoy the company
of her friends.


john wooden.jpg

The transition from 9 to 1 is also
reflected in John Wooden's death on June 4.


Wooden, the legendary basketball and
leadership coach was in a 10/1 Personal Year in 2010. This number is very
important for him anyway because he was born in 1910 and passed on in 2010.


10 is the Instant Manifestation
number. Wooden is one of the great manifesters of our time. His ‘Pyramid of
Success' which he began in his twenties, is used in leadership training now –
nearly 80 years later.


Like Al Gore, Wooden ended a
9-year cycle this year. In fact the day he died was a 1 Personal Day for him.


Wooden left a major legacy behind
that reached way beyond his fame as a basketball coach. He truly embraced and
activated his 17/8 Life Purpose Number – overcoming obstacles with strength,
leadership and fearlessness.


17 is also the ‘Immortality'
number. Very fitting.


Knowing which of your numbers is
active right now gives you tremendous tools. Your ability to manifest goals is
greatly enhanced. You have peace of mind and stop judging yourself. You are set
free to activate what is necessary for success.


And what about your best Personal
Days. When should you plan trips and important events.


Are you going through a big transition.
I certainly am and will share more shortly.


Is one of your important personal
numbers being activated today, this month or this year.


All these questions are answered
in ‘Your Next 12 Months‘ Blueprint.


Be sure you understand how your
own personal frequencies  are being
activated now. Especially during these powerful times of change.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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