Before last night, Nastia Liukin was always listed as ‘Anastasia Liukin' at all international competitions. What a difference a name change can make.

I always cringed when I saw ‘Anastasia Liukin' up on the scoreboard. It adds up to a difficult 38/11, and did not help her in her greatest quest – to become all-around champion. In fact Nastia lost the all-around championship by .001 points at the world championships two years ago and then was out with an ankle injury most of last year.

So when I saw her officially listed as ‘Nastia Liukin' I knew she would feel more confidence. After all, Nastia was competing with her good friend and current world champ, the great Shawn Johnson.

As usual I watched live online without all the commentators. I'm on West Coast time here in Arizona, where nothing's live. Can't have that, can we, especially for my favorite sport of the summer games. What a great competition.

Nastia Liukin had an amazing night. Helped no doubt by her extremely lucky 15/6 current name. The meaning of her name is a perfect fit. 15 is a number of alchemy, magic and happiness. By finally adopting her name on the international stage, Nastia was able to activate one of the most fortunate name numbers anyone could have.

She needed it too.

What was great about last night is that all the top gymnasts hit their routines. Nastia did not win because of someone else's error. She won because she had the highest start value of the competition – and didn't give away points in execution or style.

Here's another interesting fact. Nastia Liukin is in the midst of an incredible 22/4 Personal Year.

Since her Life Purpose Number also reduces to 4 – the 31/4, referred to as the ‘Genius' Number, Her current cycle, the Master Number 22, is activating her Life Purpose. A 22 Personal Year is a pinnacle year, where all your dreams can come true. When it also coincides with one of the major number in your Personal Numerology Blueprint, as it does for Nastia, then you can certainly expect great things.

As you can see once again, the 4 and 8 are not to be feared whatsoever if they appear in your blueprint. It's your attitude towards these numbers, as well as your current name which help or hinder you.

Did her fantastic current name ‘Nastia Liukin' help her in her quest to become Olympic Champion. Of course it did.

Do her genes help. Yes. Both her parents are former world champions. Her mom a rhythmic gymnast, her dad a powerful artistic gymnasts who performed the first ever triple somersault in competition. Did her intense training help. Absolutely.

Last night was the biggest night of her young life. Is it a coincidence Nastia Liukin's fortunate 15/6 name was activated on the 15th of August. I don't think so.

Everything was performed with ease, grace and amazing elegance. She was magical, just like the meaning of her 15 name. Congratulations, Nastia.

And congratulations Shawn for your impeccable sportsmanship.

One note about Shawn Johnson. She's a fighter befitting her 8 name. ‘Shawn Johnson' adds up to what I refer to as a pure and simple 8.Not a 26/8 or 35/8 or 44/8. In that sense a single digit 8 can be very helpful for a gymnast such as Shawn who does not have any other 8s in her blueprint.

Shawn went into her final event the floor exercise probably knowing in the back of her mind that she could not beat Nastia, even with a perfect routine.

And yet, just like an 8 person would, this wonderful gymnast still put in her toughest skills. She inserted her most complicated pass, one she has left out in Beijing so far. She didn't fold. She was fighting for silver.

And she performed beautifully.

You see, in the end it's all about activating the numbers in your blueprint to the best of your ability. At the same time you want to make sure your fortunate current name is being used everywhere. Just as ‘Nastia Liukin' finally has.

So check out your current name Now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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