michell & queen.jpgYesterday Michelle Obama and Queen Eizabeth II embraced. A lovely gesture I thought.

Having lived in London for a few years, I wondered how it would be received in kingdom countries. After all Americans live in a republic where hugs are allowed and encouraged, no matter who it is you're embracing.

But the Queen – well she's considered sacred. Off-limits to anything but handshakes.

So, I got a kick out of seeing both ladies shun royal protocol.

And since it's the first time Elizabeth II has actually returned the gesture in public, I wanted to see what was up with her current cycles.

She certainly has an interesting birth blueprint for someone who's been raised to be so formal.

Born on the 21st of April, the queen has two 7s – her Life Purpose and Essence Numbers. Yes, 7 means she's emotionally private. On the other hand, she does not miss a thing. People may think she's not listening, but she's always tuned in.

The flipside of her blueprint are her 21/3 Day of Birth, 138/12/3 Destiny, 6 Soul and 6 Personality. That's four numbers in the expressive and emotional 3-6-9 category.

Her two major 3s – Day of Birth and Destiny – are in Conflict with her 7 Life Purpose. And so yesterday was a breakthrough for the Queen.

You see she's in a 9 Personal Year in 2009. This means her emotional and expressive side is being activated. When the First Lady happened on the scene yesterday, the Queen couldn't resist. Believe me no British subject wouldn't have even considered embracing ‘their Queen.'

But Michelle is Not a British subject. The perfect person to initiate warmth from a stately monarch.

Two other important numbers cropped up for iQueen Elizabeth II yesterday.

Her Personal Month in April is a 22/4. And her Personal Day on April 1st was a 23/5.

The 5 Day is self-explanatory – unexpected events, adventure and fun. Ties directly into her unexpected personal experience with Michelle Obama yesterday. 5 also covers the Media, who gobbled up the story.

What about her 22/4 Personal Month?

Here's how this number connects to Americans.

The United States has a July 4 birthday. And in 2009 America is in a 22/4 Personal Year.

Amazing, as usual. I just love how numbers can explain the subconscious stuff that goes on.

As for Michelle Obama, she's in a 20/2 Personal Year, which is all about building new relationships. The First Lady's unique relationship to the queen – who uncharacteristically told Michelle ‘Let's keep in touch,' – fits into the equation yet again.

I could say more about these two ladies' cycles, but you get the picture.

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Timing is everything. Knowing the ebb and flow of your numbers is a huge plus.

When I talk to my clients, I have a tendency to laser in on the crux of the matter. So get your questions ready. I can't wait to help you out.

Warmest Regards,

P.S. It's wedding season. Every wedding date activates a set of numbers. It's so much easier on your relationship when those numbers are positive AND in harmony with the bride and groom's personal blueprints. If you're getting married I'll be sure to choose the most fortunate wedding date for you.