Yesterday I ended up watching much of the Super Bowl. Partly because my new home state, Arizona, was playing.

I'm so glad I did. What an incredible game. A rollercoaster of unpredictability. Very fitting since 2/1/2009 adds up to a 14/5 Universal Date. 14 is the Media Number and also covers gambling and risks.

And 5 is the pivot number. Sometimes you don't know if you're going up or down, left or right, backwards or forwards.

That's exactly how I felt. The unexpected flavor of number 5 was nonstop. Talk about excitement, adventure and fun. Congratulations go out to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning against a team that would not quit – and could smell victory. You couldn't help but feel good about how BOTH teams played last night.

Did you notice the score, 27-23. It reduces to 9-5 and adds up to the SAME number, 14/5. Amazing.

Before the game started I checked with my friends on Twitter – – and asked for help finding the birthday for the Arizona Cardinals.

I had discovered the Steelers founding day and knew they had exceptional numbers going into the game. They were born as the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 8, 1933 giving them the Genius Number 31/4 as a Life Purpose.

What caught my attention is the 8 Day of Birth. 8 is the power, strength and abundance number giving an ability to overcome obstacles.

Many great athletes and leaders have a prominent 8 in their blueprint.

Yesterday I discovered the Steelers were in an 8 Personal Year in 2009. With the most difficult post-season schedule in the league, they had much to overcome. That's exactly what they accomplished. A true measure of how this powerful number can help you succeed.

In fact, the Steelers' current 8 year activates BOTH their 8 Day of Birth AND their 31/4 Life Purpose, since 2-4-8 form a trilogy.

So I sent a tweet giving them a great chance. I never did find a birthday for the Cardinals.

One other thing I noticed is that Ken Whisenhunt, head coach for the Cardinals, has a 12/3 current name. 12 is also called the ‘Victim' number. On the other hand Mike Tomlin, the young Steelers' head coach, has a highly fortunate 36/9 name.

Did that make the difference? I don't know.

What I CAN say with certainty is that Mike Tomlin won't feel as familiar with feeling defeated like Ken Whisenhunt may.

Finally, the name ‘Pittsburgh Steelers' is a fortunate 14/5 number. Just like yesterday's date. The Arizona Cardinals have an 11 name signifying both mastery and division. It's not nearly as easy and supportive as the Steelers' name number.

As befits their great name, Pittsburgh has won 6 Super Bowl titles – more than any other team. No team has played in more conference championship games nor won as many AFC titles as the Steelers.

From 1974 to 1979 the Steelers became the first NFL team to win four Super Bowl titles in six seasons, a feat never matched again.

Has their fortunate name helped them. Absolutely.

Did their 8 Personal Year support them with leapfrogging all obstacles to go on and win the Super Bowl? Yes, especially since they were born on the 8th.

Once you know what Personal Year you're in you'll be a step ahead of the game.

You'll find out if your current cycle taps into one of the main numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint. As it did with the Steelers. You'll also realize HOW to focus your talents this year.

Take advantage of this ancient knowledge today. Get your 2009 Blueprint now and make this year a winner.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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