When I came across this story yesterday, I got goosebumps. Plus it ties in beautifully with a question I received about Lance Armstrong's name.

Both examples show how your current name greatly influences your life.

In the story, a twin claims her ‘sixth sense' saves her drowning sister. Gemma Houghton, 15, ‘had a feeling' her fraternal twin Leanne needed help. So she ran upstairs to check on her.

She found Leanne submerged in water.

For a split second Gemma thought her twin was washing her hair and playing a trick on her. But Leanne had suffered a fit in the bathtub and was losing consciousness.

Gemma pulled her from the tub and used her first aid training to restart her breathing while waiting for the ambulance. Paramedics said Gemma's quick response saved Leanne's life.

It's a known fact that twins have a special intuitive bond. How lovely to hear about a quick-thinking 15-year-old coming to the rescue.

Of course I wanted to check both girls' names.

‘Leanne Houghton', the twin who nearly died, has a name which adds up to 12/3. This is the more challenging ‘Victim' number.

Contrast that to ‘Gemma Houghton', the rescuer. She has a fortunate 14/5 current name. 14/5, the Media Number, also had a role in getting this story on the front pages of a major British newspaper.

Gemma's 5 also explains her ability to react quickly to emergencies – since this vibration covers adventure, risk and sudden events.

Speaking of current names, yesterday I received a great question about Lance Armstrong's current name. Yes, it also adds up to 12/3. How can that be, was the question.

As you know, I don't recommend a current name which adds up to 12 since it is associated with being a ‘victim'.

For Lance Armstrong, the 12/3 certainly has thrown some obstacles – his fight against testicular cancer which had spread to his lungs and brain, the accusations of steroid use when he was winning 7 straight Tour de France races, and the fall yesterday resulting in broken collarbone – most likely preventing him from reaching his goal to win his 8th Tour de France.

Of course, what I'm about to show you reveals precisely why he thrives under these circumstances. And reveals the astounding wisdom and depth of numerology.

Lance Armstrong's 12/3 ‘victim' name has a direct connection to his incredible life.

The triple 9s in his birth blueprint – explained in yesterday's newsletter – are activated by his 12/3 current name and vice versa. This sets up a dynamic tension. You could liken it to a ‘game' of sorts. When Lance is placed in the underdog or victim position, he becomes invigorated.

Obstacles generated by his ‘victim' name push this man to his limits.

Instead of succumbing, Armstrong thrives on the tension and uses the power of his 9 Destiny, 9 Life Purpose, 9 Day of Birth and 9 Month of Birth – to overcome and defeat the ‘victim' symbolism in his name.

Most wouldn't want Lance's challenges and rightly so. He's a rare bird.

Fortunately, so far Lance Armstrong has used his 12 name to create a fascinating dynamic – and major success in one part of his life. The unique relationship created by his triple 9 birth numbers and his name certainly reveal the subconscious motivators in his life.

Would I recommend that he change his name?

Yes, if he ever reaches a point where he wants to tone down his need to overcome obstacles. Then again, he may not, because the feeling of this is familiar ground to him.

I believe it's why he got back in the running to become the oldest Tour de France champ ever. He's got nothing to prove with 7 straight unprecedented wins. But with this name and numbers' recipe, he can't help but want to experience the tension again.

Most of us don't want dramatic challenges to succeed. Armstrong happens to be rare example of someone who subconsciously craves them in order to thrive.

As for Leanne Houghton, I know she can prevent future ‘victim' events if her name was changed to a fortunate spelling. Like her twin sister Gemma's.

Why wait even a moment when you have the power of choosing positive name.

If there's only one thing you do, make sure the name you are using right now is supporting you. Get your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?‘, and never look back.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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