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During my travels this past week,
much has transpired. It reminded me to appreciate two numbers when they appear
in your Personal cycles.


Two actors, Gary Coleman and
Dennis Hopper, passed on over the Memorial Day weekend. Both men will be
remembered for both the challenging lives they had, and the great gifts they
shared in their work.


Gary Coleman was best known for
his role on the highly popular TV series ‘Diff'rent Strokes.'


It is no surprise ‘Diff'rent Strokes'
was so successful. The name adds up to a highly fortunate number – 63/9.


That was not the case for Gary
Coleman. Coleman was born on a very powerful 8 Day. His current name adds up to
35/8. This combination of numbers when reflected in the current name and
birthday often attracts challenges.


So, even though Coleman was able
to reach the height of fame in his profession, he was always dealing with


Coleman's full birth name, which
comprises your Destiny or career number, is a 76/13. The 13 shows genius and an
out-of-the box approach to life. 13 also indicates many unexpected
transformations and changes in his career.


His 8 Day of Birth and 13/4
Destiny were fully activated in 2010. This is because Gary Coleman was
experiencing a 13/4 Personal Year. Since 13 symbolizes the death and birth and
transformation on all levels, he was confronted from all sides.


When you are in a 13/4 cycle you
must release, often suddenly. You also must protect yourself from outside
negative influences. 13 cycles are highly transformative and life changing.
They literally help to purge what is no longer needed so that you are freed up
from the inside out to live the life you are meant to live.


This is a number of upheaval so
that new ground can be broken.


Another kind of purging cycle
occurs with the number 16/7.



Again we have a frequency that
brings sudden events. Dennis Hopper was in a 16/7 Personal Year when he passed
on a few days ago.


His current name ‘Dennis Hopper'
adds up to 13/4, indicating both genius and the attraction of challenging
events. Especially since Hopper, just like Gary Coleman was born on an 8 Day.


When it comes to 13 and 16 Personal
cycles, yes, they can be dramatic. However, without their influences, most
people would stagnate.


I always tell my clients, there is
no reason to be afraid of these numbers when they appear in your life. What we
perceive as ‘good' or ‘bad' is really all good for you. Often it is the
‘negative' that helps us to progress much faster. We release when we are
confronted. Often we have no choice and make changes we would otherwise never


Once you welcome the positive And
negative into your life, everything takes on a new meaning. Judgment
disappears. The ebb and flow of life is all that matters.


For example, I am currently going
through a major transformation in my own life. It is not easy. At the same
time, I have never been happier about my life and my future. I am releasing and
making room. There is no way to give birth unless you let go of the past.


Right now I am traveling – doing research
in preparation for my upcoming October seminar.


I have discovered new, breakthrough
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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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