Last week, while giving some live radio interviews, I was repeatedly asked about Obama and Clinton.
‘Do you STILL think Obama can pull out a win against Hillary?’
As you know, that question arose during a tough week for Obama, during which the senator was battered over divisive remarks by his longtime pastor – many of which were unpatriotic.
My answer every time was, ‘Yes. Hillary won’t win against Barack.’
Then I added, ‘watch how another obstacle will come her way and dilute and detract from any current challenge facing her opponent.’
I continued to explain that, until Clinton changes her name to add up to a fortunate vibration, she’ll be bogged down with challenges, some of which come right out of left field.
Little did I know distractions would appear within days. Then it happened. Just when Hillary thought she could breathe a little easier, the topic of conversation changed yet again.
Three events. In rapid succession. The first story about the breached Passport inquiry was beyond the candidates control.
The second story, Governor Richardson’s endorsement of Obama, was a blow to the Clintons. After all Richardson served Bill Clinton as U.N. ambassador and energy secretary, and even watched the Superbowl with Bill who was actively campaigning on his wife’s behalf. So this endorsement was seen as a direct rebuke of Hillary.
Finally Hillary herself came to Obama’s rescue. As her 26 name warns, she took some bad advice.
Case you missed it, Hillary gave a foreign policy speech last week at George Washington University. She described her dangerous arrival in Bosnia 12 years ago today. All this to bolster her argument that she’s the foreign policy expert and has more experience to be commander in chief.
In her words, ‘I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.’
That description surprised all who were present. Including the reporters covering her trip, who had video footage of a calm and peaceful scene. One that included 16 year-old Chelsea and a little Bosnian girl reading a poem to Hillary. So now Clinton’s recollection is under scrutiny. And Reverend Wright is off the front pages.
Thing is, it wasn’t just a temporary slip of the tongue. Hillary mentioned the sniper fire at least twice earlier in the campaign, including while she was campaigning in Iowa in December of last year.
She was reading from a prepared speech, one of many she gives every day. Someone in her campaign is giving her bad advice. And she’s taking it willingly.
Hillary Clinton is a great example of someone who could really benefit from respelling her name. Especially since she has a Double 26 – her day of birth AND her current name. Listening to bad advice instead of her own intuition is the danger with this vibration. As a result, she will often be disappointed when it comes to reaching her goals.
Even with the unique power and the compassion for others that number 26 gives Clinton, there are too many contradictions to deal with. Especially since the number appears twice.
If she ever takes my advice and changes the spelling of her name to Hilary Clinton, the loss of that one L will change her life.
She will trade in her 26 name for a 41/5 vibration, a truly magnificent number for anyone, especially a politician. Why. Because 41 and 32 were known by the Ancient Chaldeans as the ‘Politician’s Number.’
The name ‘Hilary Clinton’ would give her a magical power to sway masses of people, to charm others with her magnetic presence and give her an open book with the media. As it stands now, Clinton feels slighted by the media.
Hillary’s challenges show yet again how much influence your current name wields on your life.
For more information, go to Is My Name Fortunate? now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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