Been catching up on a few movies this past week. I haven’t watched this much TV in over a dozen years.
Speaking of TV, my friend Kim asked me about a television actress named Katherine Heigl, ‘Never heard of her,’ I said. Turns out Heigl has catapulted herself from TV to Hollywood movie star.
Kim was curious whether Heigl’s numbers could account for her meteoric rise to stardom.
I soon found out that Hollywood’s new ‘It Girl’ has been in the biz since age 11. But, up until recently, she was in the same boat as tens of thousands of other struggling actors – pounding on doors, trying to get people to hire her while working jobs she hated. Feeling very disheartened about her profession. I’m guessing many people outside of Hollywood can relate to her plight.
So I looked at her name and numbers to find out why 2007 was her breakout year. How she was able to win that unexpected Emmy Award in September. And how her fee was raised from 300K to 5 million per movie in a matter of weeks.
Plus there’s another issue that intrigued me. Katherine Heigl’s name.
Le’t take a look at her lucky 6 connection first. Heigl was born on a 24 Day. Her Life Purpose Number is 33. Both these numbers add up to 6 – and both are highly fortunate. Her journey from regular actress and model to Hollywood starlet got a boost in 2005 when she was cast on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, a hugely successful TV show, originally just a midseason replacement on ABC.
2005 was a 15/6 year for Heigl. So her lucky 6 connection was activated that year. 6 is a fortunate number anyway, and for Heigl, the number took on special significance due to the prominent 6s in her blueprint.
Of course her 15/6 year in 2005 didn’t make her the star she is now. It was followed by a 16/7 year in 2006, keeping the lid on her fame a little while longer. A 16 is rarely a year a star gets born or receives mega public accolades. As you have guessed, she exploded onto the scene the following year, 2007 – a 17/8 year for Heigl.
17/8 is about power, abundance and leadership. Anyone who enters a 17/8 year prepared, courageous and eager to keep learning has a super chance of reaping huge financial and professional rewards.
And so it comes as no surprise that Katherine Heigl shot to stardom in 2007. What’s interesting too is that the number 17 symbolizes immortality. Becoming famous in a 17 year could possibly mean her name will live on long after she’s gone.
There’s one little rub though. One reason Heigl may NOT have hit the fame quotient she has now earlier in her career is her name.
Katherine Heigl adds up to an 11 in the Chaldean system – not a number I recommend, since it’s signified by division. Division of goals, division resulting from interference of others, and division resulting from refusing to see the whole picture. An 11 name can cause disharmony and a feeling of incompletion.
I recommend she change it to Kathryn Heigl, which adds up to the far more fortunate 10, ensuring she will have an easier time of it both professionally and personally for the rest of her life.
For now, what I see is that Heigl is benefiting mostly from her 17/8 Personal Year.
To show you how much, just look at the fact that she won her unexpected Emmy Award in September – a 17/8 month for Heigl. Even her mom said there’s no way she could win an Emmy. But she did, and was so shocked, her reaction had to be bleeped off the telecast.
Well, when a 17/8 Personal Month shows up in a 17/8 Personal Year it creates a double whammy of incredible luck and recognition.
As with Katherine Heigl, personal years and months affect you on a deep level. The personal year you are about to enter tomorrow will have a Big effect on your life. What a great advantage it is to know what to prepare for, what to expect, and to use your knowledge to create the best year possible.
For an in-depth look at all the GOOD things you can expect in 2008, go and get your 2008 Blueprint now.
Happy New Year’s Eve,
Tania Gabrielle

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