Talk about power mixed with fate. The numbers surrounding Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and “The Dark Knight” are astonishing.

Yesterday I was reading that, as of Monday, “The Dark Knight” has taken in 400.04 millyon at the box office – in just 18 days. That's the fastest pace for a movie ever. It will most likely pass ‘Star Wars' in about two weeks.

This 18 day record gross announcement is significant. Here's why. “The Dark Knight” was released in the U.S. on July 18. The date for the release adds up to 26/8 a number signifying wealth and power. The record announced on Monday is an 8 total as well – 400.04 equals 8. And the amount earned has put the movie at No. 8 on the all-time box-office charts.

18 and 8 – a very potent and powerful mix. Interestingly these two numbers signify not only abundance but also making money through conflict or war. Very fitting.

Let's look at the Batman himself first, Christian Bale. His current name happens to add up to 18. One of the symbols for the 18 is that it may result in bitter quarrels with your family. I guess it's not so surprising then to hear about Bale's current family troubles. His sister and mother publicly accused Bale of assaulting them in a hotel room in London.

This incident allegedly happened right before the big London premiere of ‘The Dark Knight' – but was kept under wraps for fear of bad publicity. Bale denies the allegations and turned himself into the police.

Secrecy is also a key element of the 18. So is the promise of leadership, as in securing a major leading role in a movie.

What's just as astounding is the role Heath Ledger played in making this dark film such a big hit with audiences. I guess everyone loves to hate a villain – especially when the villain is off-the-charts crazy. From what I hear Heath Ledger portrayal of the Joker is one of the most scary maniacs in Hollywood history. His performance is being called truly memorable as far as villains go.

Heath Ledger of course died of an alleged accidental drug overdose in New York City in January a few weeks after filming.

He had just started his own 18 Personal Year in 2008. His death on the 22nd of January mirrors his 22/4 Soul Number, his Day of Birth on April 4 and his 8 Essence Number.

Ledger reportedly gave more than his all while filming the sadistic Joker role. After the movie wrapped he related how he felt total mental and physical exhaustion – to the point where he could not sleep during the shoot. Is it any wonder when he threw himself 100 percent into a role portraying The Joker – a sadistic, criminal mastermind.

“The Dark Knight” is a dark movie. For an actor, portraying a really dark and maniacal character can be very trying – and yes, dangerous. I believe playing his ‘ultimate' role, one for which he may receive an Oscar nomination, put Heath Ledger into a downward spiral. Sadly it led to his death.

Note that while Heath has three fateful numbers, fellow actor Christian Bale has two – a 4 Essence and a 13/4 Soul Number. Not coincidentally, the story of his alleged assault on his mom and sister broke on July 22nd, a 4 Day.

As for Christian Bale's number 18 name, it forecasts more challenges ahead for this Welsh actor.

On another note, I'm sure you heard about ‘Dark Knight' actor Morgan Freeman's scary car accident late Sunday night in Tennesee. The Oscar-winner happens to be in an 8 Personal Year right now. He has two 13/4s in his blueprint – his Destiny and Personality Numbers.

And his Soul Number is 18.

I'll note too that August is a 16/7 Personal Month for Freeman. Of course, he's experienced many '16' Personal Months before, as we all have. What's striking for Freeman right now is the combination of his numbers – an 8 Year, 16 month – and their relation to the huge success of a very dark movie. The name for ‘The Dark Knight' happens to add up to 16 and of course was released on an 8 date. I believe there is a correlation.

The same goes for the movie's 18 and 8 number connections to Heath Ledger and Christian Bale.

You may think I'm a little crazy to say what I just did. How can the numbers and corresponding topic of a movie affect an actor with the same numbers. I've seen it happen before. In wonderful ways as well as I have pointed out with Will Smith's recent success, Angelina Jolie and the movie ‘Titanic'.

Really what it boils down to is that the numbers for these three actors and the movie they helped to create tell me a story.

Under certain circumstances a recipe of numbers is mirrored in another person or date to ‘activate' events. Ledger, Bale and Freeman each experienced these events differently.

You might be wondering about the name ‘Batman.' I can assure you  this comic book hero will stick around for a long time. ‘Batman' adds up to 17/8 – the Immortality Number. Ah yes, another 8.

On another happy note, I'm very happy to read Morgan Freeman is recovering. Very good news indeed.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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