The exciting New Moon in Leo on 8.8 with a rare “Finger of God” formation instills your HEART with tremendous COURAGE.

(Watch for another Star Codes forecast on the 8.8. Lion's Gate!)

This New Moon in Leo is sandwiched between two full moons in Aquarius – sign of our new age, which explains why so much is shifting, in flux and unexpected.

Leo governs the Heart, and a powerful 90° square from the Sun and Moon (New Moon) to Uranus symbolizes tremendous change and upheaval. Your heart is beautifully poised to lead you through these times.

The square to Uranus activates the ruler of Aquarius, making thrilling breakthroughs and brilliant AHA moments a normal occurrence.

Everything is the way it is, and everything is in constant change.

Nothing stays the same.

This is the reality.

  • What you choose to do while you are on the river of life directly impacts the experience of being on the river, but it doesn’t impact the river itself.
  • Like life, the river is constantly moving, and so is the scenery while traveling down the river.

Every moment is a new moment, a new experience.

Discover how your enthusiasm and passion are ignited, and how the infinity number 8 infuses you with strength, inner authority and confidence.

It’s time to stand up and be counted!