Actress Natasha Richardson's tragic death last week helped to save a little girl's life. So did the girl's highly fortunate name.

7-year-old Morgan McCracken was playing baseball with her dad and brother when her father sent a ball her way that hit her just above the temple. Morgan's lump was iced down and the swelling nearly gone an hour later.

She went to school, aced her spelling test and everything seemed normal for the next two days.

Then her parents heard about Richardson's tragedy on CNN. The actress was learning to ski near Montreal, fell and seemed fine. Later that day she was airlifted to Montreal and NY hospitals. Sadly she died of brain failure two days after the accident.

After hearing the story, the McCracken's wondered if their daughter was really ok.

They went upstairs to kiss Morgan good night. Amazingly, at right as they entered the room Morgan began complaining of a headache. Bonnie and Donald McCracken immediately called her pediatrician. By the time they got off the phone, Morgan was sobbing.

She was rushed to the local emergency room where she received a CT scan. Instead of being driven to Children's hospital in Cleveland, a 30 min. drive – Morgan was airlifted which only took 6 minutes.

Upon arriving in Cleveland the McCrackens were told Morgan had the same injury as Natasha Richardson – an epidural hematoma.

Thankfully, Morgan's story ends happily. After surgery and 5 days in the hospital, she's at home and doing fine. Her surgeon told the McCrackens that, had they not brought her in Thursday night, she would not have woken up.

Morgan McCracken was very lucky. After most head injuries it's obvious if someone needs medical attention because the person is confused, agitated, feeling dizzy or not responding.

But in some cases, as with Morgan and Natasha Richardson, it's not clear at all.

Morgan McCracken's luck is apparent in her highly fortunate name number – a 32/5. One of the benefits of a 32 name is that you receive help from people in high positions. When CNN aired the story, literally minutes before Morgan's headaches, she was helped.

The 5 in 32/5 is an exciting number of risk, unforeseen events, freedom and adventure. Morgan's quick rescue by her parents symbolizes the kind of events Morgan will attract during her life.

Her fortunate name will keep protecting her in the future as well. And the benefits of her 32/5 name are a magnetic presence and an attraction to the media.

We saw how a 5 name number brought another child to the attention of the media just two days ago – when quick-acting Gemma Houghton rescued her twin sister Leanne. ‘Gemma Houghton' is a fortunate 14/5 media number name too.

Amazing how both these girls' stories brought major headlines.

When it comes to children, names make as big a difference as for adults.

The influence of a fortunate name begins at birth.

When you name your newborn you preferably want the full birth certificate name of your baby to be compatible with mom's and dad's blueprint. This alone will bring less stress and more harmony into your family's daily life.

At the same time, your baby's shortened name – what I refer to as the current name – should most definitely be fortunate.

This way your child's life will be filled with far fewer challenges and much more happiness and success.

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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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