Mars squares Neptune on April 9 – bringing the planets of Energy and Spirituality in a dynamic aspect to each other!

  • Mars square Neptune shatters illusions.

Mars is the planet of fire and action, libido, forward momentum, courage and instinct. Mars is connected to Feelings that propel Action.

Aries, Mars’ home sign, where the Sun is transiting now, starts things and propels you to take action – beginning the season of Spring in the Northern hemisphere.

But this Mars square Neptune connection also represents endings, since it happens on April 9.2021 on an 18/9 Universal Date.

9 is the vibration of culmination, unconditional love, wise leadership, endings and emotional release.

Merging Mars with the Number 9 and Neptune creates a wonderful pivot point.

  • The square between Mars and Neptune signifies piercing through the illusions so that they can be seen and let go.
  • Releasing from Fear is the big message.

Neptune governs the realms of the Divine.

In a square to Mars, you are prompted to actively search for the truth.

Your Soul is yearning