Every day I get asked by clients which name to use. Yesterday I was advising an author who has been going by the name Steve.
I explained why I thought the name Stephen would be a much better choice. Look at Stephen King the fiction writer or Stephen Crane, the poet. Let’s not forget the great scientist and author, Stephen Hawking and Harvard’s great popular science writer Stephen Jay Gould. Or the prolific author, actor, and filmmaker, Stephen Fry.
In my client’s case, after adding his last name to Stephen, the result was a Perfect Match to his Life Purpose Number, one of the key ingredients to success.
But, don’t come to any conclusions based on this example.
Because I have also occasionally advised other clients to keep their shortened name, if it sounds better and is a good numerological fit.
Every person is unique, requiring special attention.
Some people will change their name completely in order to activate powerful energies and bring about their destiny.
Look at Anna Mae Bullock. No, that’s not the Sandra Bullock I’m referring to, but Tina Turner. Her birth name Anna Mae Bullock happens to be a powerful number. But – it is a challenge vibration to her Life Purpose Number. Plus, it just doesn’t sound right for this 8-time Grammy winner.
Add up the numbers for Tina Turner, and suddenly she has a perfect fit. Her Life Purpose and new Power Names are on the same wavelength, guaranteeing a fast rise to success – and, in Tina’s case, celebrity and fame.
What vibration does your name emit. Are you happy with your life or do you feel like there’s an extra ingredient that’s missing. Maybe that ingredient is hidden in the four driving forces of your Pythagorean Blueprint. Or, you might be using a name that’s not helping you out.
Whatever the case might be, it’s always better to KNOW than to be ignorant. Especially when it comes to your Destiny.
Your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint IS effective Right Now. Whether you know the details of your vibrations or not, they are Active. Discover who you really are.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Another singer who changed his name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Again, this is not a name which will attract hordes of fans to your concerts and CDs, right. Well, he’s one of the most recognizable and powerful pop singers ever. You know him as – Elton Hercules John or Elton John. Names are not arbitrary. Get the lowdown on YOURS Now.

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