The first of three Mercury retrogrades this year begins on January 30th.

All three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 take place in Air signs – the element aligned with communication.

This one takes place in Aquarius, continuing a powerful activation of that sign as a huge stellium of celestial bodies meets up in Aquarius from now until mid February.

We are deepening our commitment to freedom and unhinging from those energies and beliefs that are set up to control our choices.

Freedom is the key energy of Aquarius, the Aquarian Age and 2021 – a 5 Universal Year of freedom.

Mercury in retrograde brings reflection on how we communicate – ultimately setting liberating you to communicate with joy and freedom.

And this is where FREE WILL comes in.

Not only do we have the ability to be conscious of our thoughts – which are the software in our brain, but also the ability to CHOOSE what we think about!

On TOP of that, we have the ability to CHOOSE how we respond to our thoughts.

  • This Mercury Retrograde allows us to progress and raise our vibration with rapid speed.
  • It is pointing us INWARD, reminding us that the Source of Wisdom lies INTERNALLY.

Have a magnificently enriched Mercury Retrograde!

Love and Blessings,