Michael Phelps is having an amazing week. Last night I watched him win his third gold medal and set his third world record at the same time.

Now he has nine golds tying him with Mark Spitz, the great Russian Gymnast Larissa Latynina and two other athletes. He's got a lot more heats, semifinals and finals to swim in the next few days. Consider tonight he's up for two more medals. Should be amazing to watch. If Phelps wins just one more gold – out of five more events – he'll be considered the greatest Olympian ever.

So how do his current cycles stack up right now. Better than at the 2004 Olympic Games. He's in a 19/1 Personal Year – great for being Number 1 if that's your goal. And boy does Phelps have high goals.

Like yesterday – after smashing another world record for his third gold he gets back into the pool after less than an hour to easily win his 200m butterfly heat. “Coming back 50 minutes after his last race is incredible,” NBC's Olympic Champion announcer Rowdy Gaines said.

Phelps is in a 27/9 Personal Month right now. 27 is one of the most powerful leadership numbers in numerology. Both spiritually and mentally, it is a number signifying someone whom others will listen to and emulate. Many great men and women in history have this number in their Personal Blueprint.

So does Michael Phelps.

27/9 happens to be the number his current name adds up to. A very, very fortunate name indeed. Since August is a 27/9 Personal Month for Phelps, this leadership vibration is being activated at just the right time.

When you consider he's also in a Number 1 Year, well, all I can say is that his chances for winning 8 golds are looking good.

Befitting one of the greatest athletes of all time, he also has an amazing 32/5 Life Purpose Number. It's also referred to by the ancients as the ‘Politician's Number' since it can give you the power to sway masses of people, a magnetic presence and an open book to get media attention.

Hmm. No wonder Phelps is the big media story of these Games. We've seen ‘a day in the life', we've seen him wolf down 10,000 calories a day and still not be able to reach 200 pounds because he's expending so many calories during five hours of swimming a day. There are so many profiles of Phelps, his life will be forever changed when he returns home. I say, he might want to run for President with that kind of attention..

One warning with the 32 is that he must hold true to his own goals no matter what. If he is easily swayed, others will create problems for his plans.

Isn't it wonderful to watch someone who relishes being underestimated because it fires him up even more. Like all highly successful people, Phelps is a specialist at getting fired up no matter what is thrown at him.

This is epidomized by a statement aired Sunday when he said, ‘I welcome ALL comments.'

Phelps understands spiritual and mental alchemy. He takes BOTH the positive and negative and transforms it into something magical.

I believe during Sunday's thrilling 4x100m freestyle relay, Phelps transferred some of this natural confidence into the mind and heart of his 32-year-old teammate, Jason Lezak.

Did you see the replays of Phelps willing on his teammate with an intensity and warrior-like focus. His celebration afterwards was priceless. Like seeing a volcanic eruption of joy.

In order for Phelps to win his second of eight gold medals, Lezak had to come from behind in to beat the French swimmer and current world record holder. Lezak somehow swam the fastest anchor leg in history. Remember he's the oldest swimmer on the U.S. men's team. That race was definitely one for the history books. Congratulations to them all.

I can't leave today without mentioning the incredible bronze medal win by the U.S. men gymnasts last night.

After Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist Paul Hamm dropped out of the Olympics due to injury followed by his identical twin Morgan Hamm right before competition started, the American men were written off by the media.

Some thought they wouldn't even be able to advance to the top eight teams which advance to the final.

Well not only did they qualify to last night's team final, they were relaxed, happy and fired up to the max. I watched them live online and couldn't believe what I saw. I also knew their last event, the tricky pommel horse, was their lowest scoring. But after seeing their lead I knew they had a chance.

Especially since last minute replacement for Morgan Hamm, the elegant Alexander Artemev, is a world medalist on pommel horse. In fact, he was picked precisely because of his contributions on that event.

The incredible bronze medal win comes partly thanks to the new leaders on the American Gymnastics Team, Jonathan Horton and the astronaut's son, Justin Spring. Both these guys were fearless. And let's not forget one of my favorite people, 27 year-old Raj Bhavsar. Their performances made the rest of the team believe.

All three happen to have very fortunate current names – ‘Justin Spring' and ‘Raj Bhavsar' both add up to 24/6 and Jonathan Horton has a 14/5. Spring has been injured most of his career, so to see him pile on the tricks on highbar last night was incredible.

And Jonathan Horton. Watch out for him tomorrow night during the men's All Around final. He has a great shot at a Gold Medal. He's physically tough, loves the media attention, and has a personality which endears him to the public. By the way, that's his happy and expressive 30/3 Life Purpose Number. He could become a media darling in the next 48 hours.

I don't know Horton's birth name, but I bet his Destiny Number is powerful.

Speaking of Destiny Numbers, Michael Phelps has a Master Number Destiny – the 88/16/7. Probably sounds familiar.

Yes, as you might remember from yesterday, it's the same as John Edwards'. But there the similarities endeth. You see, The rest of Michael's blueprint gives him free reign to tap into the strength and power of his 88. His other incredible numbers support him, unlike Edwards'.

Michael Phelps has benefited especially from his amazing 27/9 current name. Compare that to John Edwards' biggest hurdle – a name which adds up to 16/7. Ouch.

There's another athlete who has numbers in common with Michael Phelps. She's American world champion gymnast Shawn Johnson. Watch out for Phelps and Johnson tonight. They have a knack for turning a negative, such as today's double 4 day, into a positive.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Taking the plunge is what being alive is all about. So discover your own personal Destiny and Life Purpose while at the same time making sure YOUR current name adds up to a fortunate number. It's all revealed in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

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