Did you hear NBC's Brian Williams mention the Pythagorean Theorem last night during the Opening Ceremonies?

I had just arrived home from La Jolla, California and turned on the TV when Williams mentioned Vietnam's dominance in international mathematics competition. He was comparing their knowledge of the Pythagorean Theorem compared to winning just one Gold medal in Olympic Competition.

It was great to hear Pythagoras mentioned. But even more touching was seeing the strength and joy of that 9 year old boy, an earthquake survivor and hero, walking next to basketball star and Chinese flag bearer, Yao Ming. What a precious moment.

And yes. I stand corrected after yesterday's newsletter –

“Hi Tania,
“I love your articles, however I did notice in this particular one that you made the statement that the number 8 is the only one that you can draw without ever lifting your pen – I don't know about you, but I can draw the numbers 1 thru 9 without lifting my pen. Did I miss something that you were trying to get across with that point? Thanks and keep up the good work.”
Thanks, Todd, my mistake. Here's what I meant to say. 8 is the only number you can draw REPEATEDLY without lifting your pen. No other number from 1 through 9 allows you to do that. Hence the infinite abundance, strength and power connected with this number.

Notice that the great tennis champion Roger Federer, the Swiss Flag bearer last night, was born on 8.8. As you'll see in the next weeks, 8 is a number commonly found in athletes' blueprints.

And, as I expected, a major incident did occur during yesterday's fateful date, 8.8.08. Not in China but in South Ossetia, a disputed region between former Soviet Georgia and Russia.

Considering the 8.8.08 numbers in yesterday's date, and the fact that they added up to 26/8, this onset of war will most likely turn out to be significant. Especially since the underlying factor is once again – oil. I don't think it's coincidental this tragedy began right as the world focused its attention on the Olympic Games in Beijing.

On another note, you've heard of body language. It's a great way to get the real story behind what seems to be reality. Body language and face reading are ancient sciences used throughout Asia. Very useful too.

Did you know there is another powerful, non-verbal language involving numbers.

Let me give you an example of how I use ‘numbers language' to get behind-the-scenes-clues to an official storyline.

Last week I was up late in bed reading a fascinating book called ‘The Evidence for the Sixth Sense' by Hazel Courteney. Hazel was scheduled to be a guest on my radio show ‘By The Numbers' the following morning, so I had good reason to read her book. Am glad I did.

I had an amazing ‘aha' moment after I turned the page to read her final chapter.

First a little info. The book recounts Hazel Courteney's experiences with people who have accessed what we call the 6th sense. Courteney is a well-known British journalist with a specialty in alternative health and spiritual phenomena. So she has access to some of the world's best-known medical experts and healers.

Hazel herself had a life-altering near-death experience. She's written about it in another book. So I was surprised and delighted to see her return to the subject in that final chapter.

Here's what I got my attention. The chapter in question is titled “Diana's Surprise Party.”

What struck me right away is it was numbered 16. Hazel describes an unexpected event in which Princess Diana reappears in her life in an extraordinary way. Her story, which I won't divulge here, included a few dates which instantly caught my attention.

Courteney recounted the announcement by the British media that the inquest, or investigation, into Diana's death would be aired live on British television. The date of the announcement came on July 16, 2004.

Then Hazel describes the event she participated in, for which the 16th chapter entitled ‘Diana's Surprise Party' is named. As it turns out, Hazel participated in the event without her knowledge. She writes of receiving the transcripts of the event, which had taken place many months before, on – July 16.

In the last few chapters of the book, she writes movingly about visiting Diana's memorial fountain at the Serpentine in London on July 7, 2004.

It's also significant all this transpired during July, Diana's month of birth.

Here's why the number 16/7 is so important – and its triple appearance so stunning. 16 is symbolized by ‘a tower struck by lightning from which a person is falling with a crown on his or her head.' 16 warns of a strange fatality, including danger of accidents and defeat of one's plans. This number urges you to listen to the inner voice as it will always warn you of danger through dreams or intuition in time to avoid it.

I realized that the appearance of this number in Hazel Courteney's final chapter – the only chapter devoted to Princess Diana, a person she knew – was a message within a message. As a numerologist I receive these ‘hidden' messages every day.

Consider not only the meaning of the number 16/7, but the following facts as well.

Diana was born in the 7th month of July. Her birthday July 1, 1961 adds up to 25. This is her Life Purpose Number. Well 25 reduces to a root number of 7.

Then look at her birthday one more time – 1.7.1961. Notice Diana was born in the 61st year of the 20th century.

61 is the reverse of 16. I will not delve further into the meaning of 61 and how it relates to 16, except to say the storyline fits in perfectly with Diana, her life and her death.

Finally, since the number 16 appeared 3 times I multiplied three times sixteen. This is where the message became even more clear. The sum of 3 times 16 equals 48. The root number for 48 is 12 (4+8 = 12). Twelve is referred to by numerologists as the “Victim Number.” 

As you can see, numbers unveil fascinating details behind any story. Sometimes they give clues to an event which is shrouded in mystery.

What was crystal clear to me is that Diana had ‘spoken' to Hazel Courteney in another language, namely the symbolic language of numbers. Courteney has no knowledge of numerology. She would not have connected her Chapter 16 to Diana in any way

Listen to my fascinating radio show with Hazel Courteney, during which she talks about her near-death experience and much more Oh, and if I sound a wee bit tired right at the start of our talk, it's because I was up with Claire most of the night. She had a cold.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. You will see throughout these next two weeks how many great Olympic athletes are helped by having a fortunate name, If you do just one thing, make sure your name is a fortunate one.

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