I have moved five times in the span of three years. Some of those homes I knew would temporary.
But one of them was meant to be long term – and turned out to be the exact opposite. Here’s my story about when I turned a blind eye to Pythagorean Numerology – and suffered the resulting consequences.
When choosing a place to live, your Life Purpose Number should be in Harmony or Compatible with our home’s street number and the city’s vibration.
Well, I forgot that crucial piece of advice when my husband, daughter and I decided to move away from big city life in L.A. On the spur of the moment, we chose a house in a beautiful town in Vermont while we were performing at the Vermont Mozart Festival.
We had no plans to even look in this part of the country – but things suddenly started happening fast. We bought the second home of three we saw that leisurely day.
The thought of leaving the smog and traffic of Los Angeles led me to ignore the numbers on our new home. Not a good move.
The town added up to a Conflict Vibration to my Life Purpose Number. Not only that, the number of our new home was Also a Conflict vibration. But I ignored the facts, having fallen in love with our new place in the country. I was that desperate for change.
Even in the months preceding our move from California to Vermont, I was getting strong hunches that I wouldn’t be happy there. Within a few days of moving in I explained to Clayton that I couldn’t stay. By now I KNEW that the numbers on our new town and address were the reason I was so ready to pack up our belongings and leave. Even the exhausting experience of a cross-country move couldn’t deter me.
Fortunately everything worked out well.
Clayton came around and agreed to move once again. This time I paid close attention. We now live in a home and a city whose numbers are Harmonious or Compatible vibrations to both our Life Purpose Vibrations.
Take it from me – you want the numbers of your home or apartment as well as the number of your city to be a natural match to you.
It goes without saying, that I will never again ignore the powers of Pythagorean Numerology.
Now it’s YOUR turn to find out how your numbers match up to where you live. Go and see whether you are living in an environment that is most conducive to bringing you joy, success and fulfillment.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Your home is your sanctuary. No matter where you live, that is where you rejuvenate. If the vibration of your home and city is not conducive to your Life Purpose, you will feel restless there. Many people don’t realize that their inability to relax, and even their constant urge to travel, are signs that the numbers of your Life Purpose and the place you live are in Conflict. Find out if yours match up when you get your Am I Living In The Right City? Blueprint today.

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