I had the pleasure of interviewing Dee Wallace for my radio show this week.

If the name rings a bell, Dee starred in the movie ‘E.T.' and has a stellar career in Hollywood having appeared in over 100 movies, 400 commercials and starred in 4 TV series.

Listen to my show with Dee Wallace.

The numbers in Dee's Personal Numerology Blueprint tell a fascinating story. Of course the movie ‘E.T.' launched her career only two years after she moved from Kansas to Los Angeles. Her Day of Birth on the 14th forecast a career in the media. 14 is the Media Number. The 5 indicates she enjoys people and traveling and sharing her ideas with others.

Her Life Purpose, 30/3, perfectly fits as well. Any 3 will ask you to express yourself as a writer, speaker, artist or performer. This is how Dee will feel most at peace and happy. She has done just that. In fact we discuss her first book during the show.

Dee's 8 Destiny means she has the ability to overcome obstacles and come out stronger, she's comfortable in a position of leadership and she is here to learn how to attract abundance.

What interested me in particular was her current name.

‘Dee Wallace' adds up to 27/9, a highly fortunate number of courage and power – especially if she carries out her original ideas and goals.

What really caught my attention is that ‘E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' also resonates to 27/9.

The name of the classic Steven Spielberg movie that launched her career carries the SAME number as Dee's own current name. This synchronicity is not a coincidence.

In fact, when people refer to the movie with the shortened name ‘E.T.' they are activating the number 9. So either way, this movie had a strong connection to Dee.

Looking at the groundbreaking subject matter, ‘E.T.' certainly was an original, just like its name indicates.

27/9 is a number of abundance, so it's also no surprise this movie was a huge box office success. Look for the upcoming holiday release of ‘Cadillac Records' with Adrien Brody and Beyonce to do well too. The name for that film adds up to 45/9 and carries the same meaning as 27/9.

Meantime take note of Your numbers. As clues, numbers go a long way to revealing the ‘story behind the story.' Not just for you, but also for your loved ones and your career.

Your own amazingly powerful Personal Numerology Blueprint is available here.

And yes, it still includes the I's My Name Fortunate?' report.

Or do a separate check for your current name. Is it helping and supporting you? Find out today.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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