recent news stories point out the importance of current names.


Even without knowing any other information, such
as a person's birthday or birth name, a current name reveals HOW someone's life
is activated.


peter paul and mary.jpg

Yesterday we heard the news that Mary Travers
had passed away. She was part of the famous folk singing trio ‘Peter, Paul and
Mary' a name which adds up to the wonderful 24/6. You may have heard of their
hit songs ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane' and ‘Puff the Magic Dragon' – both of which
have highly fortunate name numbers as well.


Then there's Kevin Skinner who just won the big
prize on America's Got Talent after beating out 100,000 other contestants.
Again here's someone with a fabulous current name number, 42/6.


On the other side of the coin the shocking story
of Yale grad student Annie Le's death is in the news right now. Several numbers
are combining in this case that point to the sudden, fateful event on September


Unfortunately, ‘Annie Le' adds up to 16/7 – a
number that can take someone to great heights, yet at the same time can
suddenly cut them down.


I call 16/7 the ‘Lincoln Number' because he was
the 16th President and his name ‘Abraham Lincoln' adds up to 16 too.


The man currently under arrest, ‘Raymond Clark',
has a 17/8 current name. He was arrested today, September 17 an 8 Day. I suspect
he has more 4s or 8s in his birth blueprint to set off this fateful
combination. Annie Le was last seen on September 8th. Clark's
girlfriend ‘Jennifer Hromadka' has a 13/4 current name.


Again, I don't have their birth info, but these
names and dates give powerful clues.


You may have heard of Gavin Grube who was found
by his devoted mother Avril on Facebook after a 27 year search. Gavin had
disappeared when he was taken at age 3 to Hungary by Avril's estranged husband.


Notice the 27 years first – three complete
9-year cycles. Jaycee Lee Dugard was also found after the full completion of
9-year cycles – in her case it was 18/9 years.


Well, Gavin Grube's current name adds up to
16/7, again a name number I would not recommend because it can attract sudden
events. His mom ‘Avril Grube' has a 13/4 current name, another vibration
attracting unforeseen situations.


Let's look at some celebrities in the news.


Notice how of all the Kardashian sisters it is
Kim who gets the most attention.


Well no surprise there. Her name ‘Kim Kardashian'
adds up to 14/5 – the Media number. She'll keep getting media attention, good
or bad.


Same goes for Kanye West. His name ‘Kanye' is a
14/5 and so is ‘Kanye West'. His sorry incident on stage with Taylor Swift gave
him the kind of media attention no one wants – but he's on people's minds, he's
appearing on TV shows, and that's what his name will guarantee.


taylor swift.jpg

As for Taylor Swift, I recommend she change the
spelling of her name to ‘Taylore Swift' which will protect her in the future.


Her current spelling adds up to 31/4, attracting
fateful events – and this is especially true because she is born on a 13/4 Day
and has a 13/4 Destiny.

The incident where Kanye interrupted her
acceptance speech on Sunday even occurred on September 13.

Now keep this in mind. Having any of these
numbers in your Birth blueprint is Not a negative. For example Taylor's two 13s
indicate great genius and the ability to stay true to her unique voice.


But when it comes to your Current name, there
are certain numbers you just don't want to have.


Some name vibrations will create a theme in your
life that's challenging and other numbers will do the opposite – create opportunities
and give you protection.


It's why you want to make extra sure your
current name resonates to a helpful, fortunate number.


Check your name in the ‘Is My Name Fortunate?'
report now.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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