Today’s voting in South Carolina and Nevada will give us a clearer picture of who will be in the running for U.S. President.

After tonight, we'’ll probably be left with just two viable candidates for both the Democrats and Republicans. That’'s not saying much on the Democratic front where Barack and Hillary are already considered the frontrunners.

But on the Republican side, the murky field will get some much needed clarity tonight.
Let’'s start with Nevada and the Dems. Who will win? Barack has received a lot of attention, but I think Hillary will steal the show.

Now, Obama’'s numbers are good today. In fact, if you just looked at his and Clinton’'s numbers for today, you’'d pick Obama. On top of that Hillary has a not-so-great personal month in January.

So why do I pick her?

Because Hillary’'s Personal Day Number today is exactly the same as her Life Purpose Number. Plus It’s the 19th, which just happens to be the same number as her Personal Year for 2008.

Put those two factors together and you’v'e got a little more momentum going for her – even with Obama’'s good numbers.

Nevada belongs to Mitt Romney on the Republican side. The large Mormon population guaranteed him those delegates. So, Mitt will be one of two Republican frontrunners after tonight.

Who’'s the other guy then?

I believe, it's McCain's year. He will go on to win the Republican nomination with the numbers he has. Especially when you compare his cycles to Romney's.

As for Hillary’'s likely victory in Nevada tonight – it won'’t make her the clear frontrunner. That distinction will have to wait until Super Tuesday – or beyond.

I have to say, having just told you that McCain's Personal Bluerpint is fully activated in 2008, the same can be said for Obama. In fact, when I place both of them side by side, the picture comes into clear view. They were meant to run each other in 2008.

Aside from what’s happening in politics, I want YOU to take advantage of YOUR numbers. The beginning of a new year is one of the best times to let the power of your Personal Numerology Blueprint Personal Numerology Blueprint guide you.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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