I have received many emails from
readers in New Zealand since the big earthquake there. Including the following


“Hi Tania,


“Can you give any insights into
an earthquake that we had in my country on Saturday.  It was a miracle
because no one died.”





it is such good news that no person lost his or her life.


earthquake struck at 4:35 a.m. Saturday. So nearly everyone was in bed asleep
and jolted awake. Earthquakes are so sudden – you can't prepare in any way for
one. The drama generated in a major earthquake is intense.


Look at
the time – 4:35 am. The numbers 4+3+5 add up to 12/3.


that September IS a 12/3 Universal Month.


2010 is
a 3 Universal Year.


attracts Drama, Change, unexpected events. It is a very emotional frequency. 12/3
can indicate feeling like a victim. I am sure many in the Christchurch region
of New Zealand will feel this way until the infrastructure is rebuilt.


3 is
also the number of Perfection. Many say it brings luck.


In this
case, New Zealand really got lucky. Even with stringent building codes, no
deaths in a major quake is amazing.


week I made my September Forecast video. In it I describe the Double 3 that is
active during the whole month of September. Watch the video if you haven't
already, because the dramatic events will continue this month and for the rest
of 2010.


Note that
the day of the earthquake was September 4.


4 and 3 in relationship like this create conflict with each other. There is a
tension between these two vibrations when they are in a communication.


Also, 4
is one of two ‘fateful' numbers, along with number 8. So it can bring ‘fateful'


4 symbolizes
the square – buildings, architecture and the Earth. The Earth shook thousands
of buildings violently on the 4th  and created much drama during a double 3 Universal Month and


important fact – the whole date 9.4.2010 adds up to 16/7.


In a
current event and current name, 16/7 describes ‘being struck by lightning and
falling from a high place.'


the feeling generated by a sudden, violent jolt.


number 7 looks like lightning. Note that the earthquake measured 7.0. When two
numbers double up like this, the frequency is even more dynamic and intense.
The same goes for the Double 3 active this month and 2010.


I also checked
when New Zealand celebrates Independence Day. It is on February 6 – summer in
the Southern hemisphere.


puts New Zealand in an 11/2 Personal Year right now.


11 in a
current cycle can bring on division – as in the earth dividing and rupturing.
It literally looks like a fault line.


In fact, this quake was caused by
the collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates. Geologists
report that one side of the Earth has lurched to the right – up to 11ft in some


11 feet ties in directly with New
Zealand's 11 Personal Year.


Yes, numbers always will give you
many additional clues and details – whether it is in your personal life or
world events.


In October, you will be stunned
at what I'll reveal about current news stories and upcoming events. We have
entered a very potent, dynamic period, which will last for several years. I'll
share with you some of what is to come.


I'll also be showing you my
numerological discoveries about the Gulf Oil disaster – and its cover-up – as
well as coming Earth changes. And much, much more.


This event is not to be missed. I
look forward to seeing you there.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. October 8 is Current Events
night at my 3-day ‘Scan Your Life' Seminar. Be sure to register now for this
once-in-a-lifetime weekend. You will never look at names and
numbers the same way again.

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