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Preceding his big speech on the
Gulf oil spill tonight, President Obama is promising ‘things are going to
return to normal'.


However, the numbers for Obama's
speech could not be more emotional.


Particularly important is the
mirror effect going on between the President's Personal cycles today and the
Universal cycles for the world.


Keep in mind, numbers 3-6-9 are
the emotional vibrations.


1. Today is June 15. 15 reduces to


2. President Obama is in a 15/6 Personal


3. 2010 is a 3 Universal Year.


4. President Obama is in a 3
Personal Month.


5. In 2010, June is a 9 Universal


6. President Obama is having a 9
Personal Day today.


So, the complete emotional trilogy
of numbers – 3-6-9 – is being activated, both for the President and for the
world. It is likely You may also be feeling these heightened emotions today.


In less than 6 hours Obama will
give the most important speech of his Presidency.


Today's incredibly emotional
recipe forecasts much turbulence ahead. Everyone wants the Gulf situation
cleaned up. This is not a political question. Though for Obama, the response
and result will set the tone for the legacy he leaves behind.


voc's gulf oil.jpg

If you live in the Gulf region or have
family there, be sure to pay attention to any health reports of air quality.
VOC's like benzene are already being found in the air. 


During these rapid times of change
we all must be vigilant and protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Refocus on things you CAN do,
instead of worrying about the future.


Take your life, career and health
to a new level by clearing all your old junk. This junk can be anything that is
holding you back – from mind patterns to people.


Your personal cycles will guide
you as to the timing of big events in your life. Knowing your cycles, will
manifest your goals rapidly and easily.


One blueprint lays ‘Your Next 12
‘ all out for you. You even get a list of all your best Personal Days
during each and every month. And you see how your birth numbers are activated
right Now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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