Yesterday I received some good news. I feel like I’m on cloud 9. Which got me thinking about how we use numbers to describe how we feel.
For instance, an impossible situation is a ‘Catch-22.’ A fashionably dressed person is ‘dressed to the 9s.’ Cats have ‘9 lives.’ When we want a one-on-one conversation, ‘2’s a company 3’s a crowd. ‘
We use a ‘High 5’ to express excitement and celebration. 5 is all about freedom. And the number 1 is all about being ‘Number 1.’ Or consider the person who only ‘looks out for Number 1.’
Then there are geometric shapes, which translate into numbers as well. If someone is stodgy, you might refer to him as ‘square.’ The ‘love triangle’ echoes ‘3s a crowd’ but with deeper deceptive qualities. Someone involved in such a triangle is definitely creative, a sure sign that the 3 energy is active.
Being in 7th heaven is always a good thing – similar to feeling like you’re on cloud 9. 7 is about spiritual pursuits, spending time in nature and asking ‘who am I?’ – a question some people undoubtedly feel will be answered in heaven.
The number 9 exudes leadership and spirituality as well as a source of light. 9 contains the qualities of all the other numbers. So being ‘on cloud 9’ is a complete feeling of joy, like you’re all lit up.
2 is about communication. It doesn’t like conflict. So when you say, ‘I’m of 2 minds’, you’re expressing a 2 in conflict. Saying something becomes ‘2nd nature’ expresses the 2 positively – a perfect relationship between mind and body. Other uses of 2 occur when you say ‘on 2nd thought’ and create an alternative to your 1st and only choice. When there’s no alternative there are ‘no 2 ways about it’. And when something is ‘2nd to none’, you’re basically referring to number 1.
If you are at 6’s and 7’s, you’re confused and don't know what to do. Someone who speaks too fast, talks ’19 to the dozen.’
I already mentioned ‘catch-22.’ Consider 22 is a Master number. If you have one in your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint you will know one thing for sure. You intensely dislike feeling out of control – like a catch-22 situation. This is the surest path to misery for a Master Number 22 person.
How interesting that 4-letter-words, are considered rude. Another 4 vibration is the number 13. Well, guess what. The 4 is there to remind us to pay attention to the small details to avoid any mishaps. Paying attention is the surest way to bypass bad luck. Do you see how 4-letter words fit into this picture? Because, once you begin to pay attention, you can draw conclusions about something. The result is that you put ‘2 and 2 together’ – a positive way to express the 4 energy.
Most of us don’t realize that we have a 6th sense, our intuition, which counsels us when we have questions – a key attribute of the number 6.
How you use numbers, of course, says a lot about how you’re doing.
By far the most constructive use of numbers is knowing which ones you resonate to. Do you have mostly mind numbers, like 1-5-7? Or are you the creative type with numbers 3-6-9. Maybe you are a business person, with a strong emphasis on 2-4-8. Good thing is, you have options as well. But first you must know what’s inside your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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