Yesterday my friend Libby told me she and her husband were house-hunting. She’d just seen a home she really liked.
The house needed updating, but its character, location and size were just what they were looking for. I sensed Libby’s strong emotional connection to the property, so I asked her what the house number was.
She said, “22. Is that a good number?”
I told her it was a great vibration for her and her family. The 4 home represents security. And Libby really wants to feel that sense of peace again. She moved to Asheville from a large Midwest city with her husband and son over a year ago.
For weeks now she’s been chomping at the bit to get out of their rental apartment and into a home.
I explained the number 2 is about partnership and love. And the root number 4 would make this home grounded and connected to the earth.
There’ll always be a feeling of acquiring knowledge, practicing, and studying with a 4 vibration present. Since Libby loves learning and is a voracious reader, this house would be a really good one for her.
Another great example of an unquenchable thirst for knowledge is Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah’s Life Purpose Number is a 4. If you’ve ever watched her ask a question, she’s just a curious as her audience to know the answer. She has an equally strong need to help those around her to learn.
You could argue that Oprah, more than anyone, has helped to educate America with her Book Club and the Oprah Show. In a real sense, her talk show is a classroom. Yes, it’s entertaining. And that’s good – because when you’re relaxed And emotionally engaged everything sinks in on a far deeper level.
Like any bright 4 Life Path, Oprah has created tremendous security and financial stability in her life by amassing a huge fortune.
Now it’s your turn to find out which number YOUR Life Purpose vibrates to. Your personal Pythagorean Blueprint will zoom in on your unique talents, give you a crystal clear picture of your Destiny and guide you towards fulfilling your deepest goals.
Believe me, most folks, including yours truly, don’t know how many inner gifts they’ve been born with. Receive the ultimate in fulfillment by ordering your Blueprint today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Earlier today a client from London told me how he was blown away at the in-depth nature of his Blueprint. He had other profiles done previously, and kept repeating that NOTHING was as complete and inspiring as his Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint.

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