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It was no surprise to hear this
morning that British film “The King's Speech' swept the top Oscar categories,
winning best picture, best actor, best director and best original screenplay.


‘The Social Network' was the only film that could even come
close to challenging ‘The King's Speech', and there's a big clue why this did
not happen.


Look at the name frequencies for
these two movies side by side.


‘The King's Speech' adds up to
21/3 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


21 names make wonderful titles for
books and films. They bring advancements, rewards and honors. 21 names elevate
your life and career and often indicate victory after a long struggle.


All these aspects ring true for ‘The
King's Speech.' Look at what producer Iain Canning revealed in a recent
interview –


It was tough to get films
made at that time in 2009. The Lehman Brothers crash had just happened and we
were trying to finance a British period movie, which is always difficult. We
also had a very small time-frame to do it – about a couple of months – because
we knew that we only had Geoffrey Rush available for a limited period, and so
we were under real pressure.'


Contrast the fabulous 21/3 for ‘The King's Speech' to the name
number for ‘The Social Network'. It adds up to 18/9 – a highly challenging


‘The Social Network' storyline reads like a Greek myth about
friendship, loyalty, jealousy and betrayal.


Amazing how the 18/9 title describes the topic for this
movie to a T.
There is a strong warning with 18 names of deception from both friends
and enemies.


The same goes for
the meaning of the number 21 and the topic for ‘The King's Speech'.


Note how 21 reduces
to 3. 3 symbolizes expressing yourself creatively, especially through speech.
Quite apropos considering King George VI overcame a speech impediment after a
long struggle.


There's another
public speaker I want to tell you about. Her name is Baeth Davis.



I am so pleased
to announce that Baeth, a truly inspiring speaker, will be the special guest
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Baeth Davis has
elevated the ancient art of hand analysis to a new level. She will show you how
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birth blueprint does. In fact we are combining three arts – numerology,
astrology and hand analysis in a powerful three-day event.


And the icing on
the cake is that you will discover your personal Wealth Formula as well. Every
person has a wealth formula hidden in his or her astro-numerology blueprint.


Space for the Prosperity
Power seminar
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I look forward to meeting
those of you who attend
very, very soon.





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