Richard Phillips, the captain of a U.S. cargo ship who was captured by Somali pirates on Wednesday, tried to escape last night.

This is an amazing story of how names influence events.

Phillips, who has been held since Wednesday, is the captain of the ‘Maersk Alabama.'  Not the best name for a ship that skirts the pirate-infested waters off the Somalian coast.

Why? Because ‘Maersk Alabama' adds up to 12. And 12/3 is the ‘Victim' number.

Here's how the ship's 12/3 name was activated.

* The pirate saga is taking place 300 miles off the Horn of Africa.

* Capt. Richard Phillips', his official name, adds up to 21/3.

* The Maersk Alabama is a 17,400 ton container vessel – reducing to 12/3.

* This Danish vessel has a crew that includes 21/3 Americans.

An Amazing amount of 3s – and they all helped to ‘activate' the 12/3 Victim number of Phillip's ship, the ‘Maersk Alabama'.

Unfortunately I don't have access to Capt. Richard Phillips birthday or birth name, so I'm not able figure in all the other personal cycles that are active for him right now – including the trends for his Personal month and year.

But what I can tell you is this.

Pirates hijacked his hip on 4.8.2009. This date gives many clues, including the fact that it adds up to 23/5. As you may remember, 5 rules adventure and risk.

Well, ‘Richard Phillips', his other name – and the version used most often by the media – is a 14/5.

Again, we see a connection to the date of the hijacking. We also see a connection to his love of adventure – after all he did tried to escape in the dark of night – a freedom-loving, risky move. Most likely, when the hijacking unfolded, he volunteered to be taken as hostage to spare his crew.

AND we see a connection to the Media Number – 14/5. Fittingly Phillips' face and story have graced the pages of newspapers and internet sites worldwide.

I'm always tickled to see so many clues revealed just by the meaning of names.

Names are so powerful. They broadcast a pulse of energy, a symbol which infuses every part of your life. Did you know your decisions and actions are influenced subconsciously by your name number.

I can certainly attest to that fact. My previous names were very challenging numbers. (You'll be hearing my personal story on video next week, so stay tuned to this blog.)

Here's another success story sent just days ago –

“Having had my name analyzed by you, I have developed a clearer direction in life and have noticed immediate positive changes taking place both financially and most importantly in my primary relationship.

‘Your analysis of some the struggles I had been facing in life were 100% on the mark. You have a remarkable talent at assisting people to reach great heights by making simple adjustments. I recommend your services to anyone serious about making powerful lasting changes.

‘Tania thank you once again you are a diamond!'

D. Knight GHR, MPNLP                   
London, England

This is awesome news. I feel the shift you have made – and am so pleased for you. Yes, as strange as it may seem, names DO make a big difference.

So make sure your current name is Fortunate.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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