Yesterday began the first ever
state visit by the Pope to Great Britain.


Pope John Paul II visited Britain
in 1982, 28 years ago. But Benedict XVI is the first pope ever to be invited by
the Queen, not he Catholic Church.


Benedict's visit is to include
high-level meetings with politicians, royalty and Anglican Church leaders.


When it comes to the numbers, this
state visit takes on an even deeper meaning.


The three Roman Numerals in ‘Pope
Benedict XVI' add up to 16.


In and of itself, this fact is


What makes the XVI – 16 even more crucial
is that the current Pope was also born on the 16th.


Obviously 16/7 is a very important
frequency in his life.


So this is what really got my


Yesterday – the day he was met by
the Queen – was September 16.


This creates a Triple 16
activation, so clearly the Pope's visit is extremely important in order for him
to fulfill his ultimate mission.


When one specific number is tripled
up, as it is with Pope Benedict's XVI double 16 Day of Birth and XVI title and
arrival in Britain yesterday, a strong magnification occurs in that person's
life. When that person is the Pope, the meaning is even greater.


In a current event or name, the
number 16/7 stands for a person with a crown on his or her head being struck by
lightning and falling from a high place.


16/7 is a very powerful frequency.
The 7 also symbolizes spirituality, secrecy, wisdom and religion.


No surprise then that Prime
Minister David Cameron said Britain and the Vatican have ‘incredibly important
work to do together' in promoting a ‘multi-faith dialogue.'


So when I saw that the first state
visit ever by any Pope began on the 16th, I knew something major was


It certainly involves a closer
alignment of the two churches, as David Cameron indicated. This alignment could
very well be forming because of a perceived threat from Islam. The anti-Muslim
faction is growing, due to recent reports on the news. We shall see where it
all leads.


Note that the number 7 is the best
at holding secrets. So, though we may never know exactly why the Queen and the
Pope are meeting right now, the numerology forecasts a series of dramatic
events during Pope Benedict's XVI reign.


Interesting that five men were
arrested in London today as suspected terrorists – confirming the sudden nature
surrounding the number 16/7.


Remember I am looking at the 16/7
here in terms of world leaders and world events.


This frequency is a wake-up call. When
it appears in your personal life, 16/7 will always indicate a deep
transformation – a good thing.


Here is one great tool you have to
prepare for and activate the best qualities in your life right now – ‘Your Next
12 Months' Blueprint
. Having this report in your hands allows you to prepare
and stay grounded mentally and emotionally.


Knowledge is power. When you own
your numbers, you own your future.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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