The U.S. has a new President. The first African American President in history. It feels like a destined event. His new numbers reflect this as well.

First, congratulations go out to President-elect Barack Obama. Beginning on January 20, 2009 he will be known as ‘President Obama.'

More on his new name in a moment. First let's look at some previous U.S. Presidents.

Keep in mind, when a Senator, Representative or President takes on a temporary current name, his or her other name still remains active.

‘President Kennedy' and ‘President Lincoln' considered two of our greatest Presidents had the Same Presidential name number – 10. What makes this interesting is that 10 symbolizes Instant Manifestation, good or bad. Indicating these two men were able to manifest their ideas more rapidly than other Presidents.

Lincoln was the 16th President and Kennedy the 35th President. These are very, very challenging numbers.

Especially since ‘Abraham Lincoln' adds up to 16, doubling the influence of this number. The same goes for John F. Kennedy's whose name added up to 26/8 doubling up the 35/8 number of his presidency.

Now, what's important is that the 35/8 Kennedy Presidency is reflected again in the new Obama Presidency. He is now the 44th President of the United States. Obama ALSO has a 8 current name, just like Kennedy. So that's one part of his fateful and powerful recipe.

‘President Bush' adds up to the fateful 53/8. Both father and son led the U.S. into war.

The current President Bush is also the 43rd President of the United States. And that brings up the second important numbers' recipe. A number which ties Bush in a strange way to ‘President Obama.'

Let's look at the current 43rd President. 43/7 was considered by the ancients as unfortunate. 43 is symbolized by the tendency toward revolution, upheaval, strife and conflict – even war. This can often indicate a life filled with obstacles, even failure and disappointment. Consider where Bush finds himself now as he's about to leave office. His approval ratings are dismal.

So the second part of the recipe for newly elected ‘President Obama' is the double 7. His new name adds up to 52/7 in the ancient Chaldean system. 52/7 carries the Same meaning as 43/7. It also directly ties into Election Day – a 16/7 date.

So I predict President Obama's honeymoon will not be long. Much of this can come as a result of the mess he's left with. But these numbers forecast challenging situations to come as well.

Remember how Joe Biden, now Vice President-elect Biden, pleaded 16 days ago in Seattle to Obama supporters that they stick with the new President when he's sure to face his darkest hours? He said Obama's approval ratings would go way down because of some decisions he'll make in the wake of an upcoming ‘generated crisis.'

Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright agreed. Powell even gave dates for these events. They're already telling the stories which may define Obama's Presidency.

These double 7s also explain why some Obama supporters feel he's going to save this country. They are more emotionally invested in him than any other President in recent history.

7 is aligned with wisdom, spiritual leadership and intellectual gifts. So this hope in Obama as a spiritual and political leader makes sense.

It will certainly be fascinating to watch him handle these numbers. I wish him well as he navigates his powerful new position in the world.

One thing is for sure. You don't want to test the waters with a challenging current name. It's not worth it.

The power of a fortunate name on your life is never to be underestimated.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Tomorrow I will look closely at the final electoral vote and general vote numbers, as well as the shift in the balance of power in the House and Senate.  As I explain in my new book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success‘ these numbers are important.

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