Before I talk about tonight’s race in Michigan, the news concerning a famous pop singer is turning more dreary. Britney Spears’ behavior is getting increasingly alarming by the day.
Some may think she has bipolar disorder or manic depression. One day, we may know. That’s my hope. The reason I am concerned is that Britney is in a 16 month. And the year she’s in will ask her to discern and look beneath the surface. Looking at how Britney is responding to her current 16 month cycle shows me she’s pushing all available buttons, literally testing her limits in a dangerous way.
Britney didn’t come into this year feeling intact or happy. She’s at her lowest point ever, and is acting like a caged bird who wants desperately to get free. It’s why she is only feeling the challenging aspects of her 16 Personal Month.
16 is meant to overthrow anything that’s keeping you from growing. That would include habits and ideas, attitudes and goals – whatever has outlived its usefulness is now being placed under the microscope. In Britney’s case the microscope is being viewed by the world. And so, unless she remains at home and quiets down, she’ll continue to rebel against this very introspective energy. After all, 16 adds up to 7, the number of learning and meditation.
We are now midway through the month of January, and the way things are going, Britney is likely to be disappointed in matters of the heart as well. Dating a married paparazzo who is selling her photos as we speak, definitely shows her ‘love’ is misplaced – another warning in a 16 period.
Her actions have isolated her from the very people who could possibly guide her back into reality and sanity. I hope she’s able to at least regroup enough to reach for help – soon.
Now let’s look at tonight’s Republican Primary in Michigan.
I have my ideas about who’s going to pull across the finish line first. Huckabee’s numbers today won’t hand him a win tonight like they did in Iowa where he had a 1 Day, so I place him third amongst the frontrunners.
By the way, I should have taken the hint when Huckabee won on January 3. Hillary had the same Day number in New Hampshire – Number 1. Somehow that fact escaped me.
Now Romney and McCain don’t have the best Personal Year Numbers for winning the whole shebang, but this month and especially today their respective numbers are both good. I’m going to give Romney the slight edge today, with McCain coming in a close 2nd.
Saturday’s Nevada and South Carolina Primaries will be more clear-cut – so stay tuned.
While we’re having fun, don’t forget about your own 2008 Blueprint. Nothing like knowing what to look out for every month. What does YOUR year signify. Find out how to take advantage of the current themes weaving their way into your life this year.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. A big change is coming your way very soon. Stay tuned and look out for it in one of my upcoming newsletters.

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