It's been quite intense – and for good reason!

Saturn square Uranus – a transit that has been in effect since early 2021 – is coming to a head one final timeover the next three days.

  • Saturn symbolizes earthiness, structure, patience, slow-moving progress, limitation, stamina, restriction, responsibility and the
  • Uranus governs the higher mind, inspiration, freedom, soul-group connections, breakthroughs, revolution and

The key message with these two planets in a square is:

Feel utterly FREE to experience your true Divine Spark.

Saturn is practical and slow, while Uranus is inquisitive and quick.

Energetically there is a huge influx of energy, not just astrologically, but literally physically from the SUN as well.

Solar Flares are building

Energy is igniting the big collective shift – which is a deeply personal Spiritual Awakening for each human being on Earth at this time.

So much baggage – beliefs and habitual behavior especially – is literally b