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Last year in May I was in the middle of
writing a long chapter about the Kennedy family for my book when news broke
about Ted Kennedy's seizure.


This morning we woke up to the news that the
Senator from Massachusetts died of brain cancer late last night.


His death occurred EXACTLY one year after he
spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2008 – his comeback appearance after the
diagnosis of brain cancer. Two weeks ago his sister Eunice passed away.


Like nearly all the Kennedys Ted had the fateful
4 and 8 numbers activated in his Personal Numerology Blueprint. For example, he was born
on the 22nd, a 4 Day. His Name ‘Ted Kennedy' is a 13/4. And his
other current name – ‘Edward Kennedy' – adds up to 31/4. He also has a 4 Soul


Since 4 and 8 have a magnetic, fateful
relationship, the big events in Kennedy' life usually occurred with other
people who Also had one or both of these numbers in their blueprint. Plus, big
events tended to happen during his 4 and 8 Personal cycles.


Here are just some examples of the powerful
presence of these two numbers had on Ted Kennedy's life.


1. The Chappaquiddick incident in 1969 took
place during a 31/4 Personal Year for Ted Kennedy.


2. Mary Jo Kopechne, who died during the
Chappaquiddick accident, was born on the 26th, an 8 Day.


3. He won his first full term in the Senate in
1964, a 26/8 Personal Year for him. He was elected to the Senate a total of 8


4. His first wife went by ‘Joan Bennett Kennedy'
– a 17/8 name. Before and after her marriage she was known as Joan Bennett – a
44/8 current name.


5. His second wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy was
born on a 26/8 Day.


6. Amazingly she ALSO had a 44/8 name as
‘Victoria Reggie' before marriage, and took on a 17/8 current name as ‘Victoria
Reggie Kennedy.' Truly remarkable to see.


7. The 4 and 8 magnetic relationship is active
between children and parents as well. Ted Kennedy's best-known first born son,
Patrick J. Kennedy has a 35/8 Life Purpose, a 13/4 Destiny Number and a 13/4
current name.


8. Ted Kennedy's seizure last year happened on
the 17th of May which reduces to 8.


9. The Senator died in 2009, a 17/8 Personal
Year for him. August is also the 8th month of the year.


The 17/8 vibration has been very active in Ted
Kennedy's life. He even gave both of his wives 17/8 current names. Well, this vibration
is also referred to as the ‘Immortality Number' by the ancient Chaldeans. So it
guarantees that the Senator is leaving behind a legacy.


17 is a very powerful number. When Samuel
Clemens took on the name ‘Mark Twain' he activated the 17/8, thus guaranteeing
his books would live on long after he died.


Ted Kennedy was 77 years old.


His age reduces to 14/5 – the Media Number. This
indicates that the Senator from Massachusetts – the youngest child of Robert
and Rose Kennedy – will be remembered in media and print for many years to


May he rest in peace.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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