A very rare celestial event is evolving at this time and will be exact on June 13, 2020:

Mars conjunct Neptune in Neptune’s sign of Pisces.

Mars represents our instinctual energy, our ambition and carries tremendous passion. 

Mars is masculine energy.

Neptune is in its native sign of Pisces, governing unconditional, Universal Love, compassion and service, creativity, idealism and imagination. 

Neptune is feminine energy.

Neptune will be in its own home sign until 2025.

  • The last time we experienced Neptune in Pisces was approximately 250 years ago from 1760 through 1785.
  • Think about what was happening in history during that frame of time, and you get an idea of how profound the visionary power of this influence can be.

A conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Neptune’s own sign is VERY rare for that reason.

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces</