Just days after the Libra New Moon on October 6 we have a strong and fiery Stellium in Libra, exact on October 9 and 10.

This stellium has the Sun at 16° Libra…

exactly conjunct Mars at 16° Libra… and Mercury Retrograde at 16° Libra.

  • The Sun holds our Frequency.
  • Mars fuels us with passion and energy.
  • Mercury Retrograde interprets our internal connection to Source.

16° is the number of sudden intuitive insights without which you will find yourself in limbo.

Since Mars governs your natural instinct, this astro-numerology code is a powerful call to create from within.

Mars, also exactly conjunct the Libra New Moon earlier this week, is playing a big role in October. Mars is filled with passion, and that energy helps you to be PRESENT.

There is a palpable focus on forward momentum born from joyful engagement.

Furthermore, this Stellium happens on a day of deep LOVE.

  1. The month of October, 2021 is a 6 Universal Month, vibration of human love, nurturing and abundance.
  1. And October 9 invokes the number of Unconditional Love and Wisdom.