Again we have the number 7 in the
news today.


No surprise there. Today, 4.9.2010,
is a 16/7 Universal Day. And April is a 7 Universal Month.


7 cycles always bring unexpected
events. This is why it is important to take time and be by yourself, slow down,
and listen to your soul. 7 resembles a lightning bolt of intuition. 16/7 cycles
often indicate a sudden fall from a high place.


bart stupak.jpg

Bart Stupak, a longtime Democratic
congressman from Michigan, made a surprising announcement today. He is


If you look at his current numbers
-his announcement is not surprising.


Stupak was born on the 29th
which reduces to 11/2. April is a 20/2 Personal Month for him and today, the
day of his announcement, is a 29/11 Personal Day.


The 2 indicates he is confronting
all relationships in his life – including congressman to constituents. The 29
shows that he may feel very divided by his decision. In fact, the decision
itself may have come because of division within his own party.


Here is the tie-in to the Number


Bart Stupak is in a 16/7 Personal
Year in 2010. So he is meant to take a sabbatical and spend time addressing his
innermost issues. The 16 also means he may ‘fall from a high place' this year.


Remember, today is a 16/7
Universal Day in a 7 Universal Month.


justice stevens.jpg

Isn't is amazing then that Supreme
Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement today as well. After
34/7 years of service.


He'll be retiring in early July – a
16/7 Personal Month for him.


Note that Justice Stephens is in a
9 Personal Year in 2010 – a cycle of culmination and endings.


The coal mine tragedy in West
Virginia also activates the number 7, as one reader wrote to me –


‘Hello Tania,


‘I had to write regarding the
mining disaster in West Virginia. In part because you mention earth quakes and
earth changes and the number 7, Charleston comes out to a 7 and there were 25
fatalities and it would be interesting to see what else you come up with
regarding your 7's – and other triggers – in regards to the mine that has had
so many safety violations…not sure if you have heard anything in your area
about it?


‘Of course, I reside here in
Appalachia and coal mining is a way of life…so it is all over our news.


up the wonderful insightful work. I enjoy your teaching methods, it is
wonderful to connect with current events and the power of numbers.'




you, Catherine. You have made some important connections.


‘Massey Energy' is an 11 current
name. ‘Charleston' is a 38/11 current name and yes, you are right, Charleston
has a 43/7 Destiny Number – based on the birth name.


The 11 indicates division, as I
mentioned for Bart Stupak. It is a very powerful number with many tests. Notice
that four miners are still unaccounted for and probably will not be found
alive. This would bring the total number of fatalities to 29/11.


Combining the number 7 with 11 brings
an opportunity for tremendously deep insights – with the ability to focus like
a laser on the core of any issue.


On the other hand, these two
numbers can attract shocking, transformative events, which leave a long-lasting


While we still have 21 days left
this month, take time out to focus on issues that you may have been avoiding.
It is precisely these emotions and mind-patterns that can be addressed Easily
in a month such as April 2010.


We are all being given an
opportunity to transform our core issues – the ones that have been holding us


To understand how your personal
numbers are being activated right now, schedule a consultation with me.


Ask me any question on any topic.
Your name and numbers will always show you how to move forward with confidence
and peace of mind.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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