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The staggering escalation in
earthquake activity around the world continued this morning with a 6.9 quake in
Western China.


Fortunately it rocked a remote
region in Yushu, centered in the mountains that divide Qinghai province from Tibet.
Unfortunately, more than 400 deaths have been reported so far.


More than
85 percent of the houses in the county seat of Jiegu have collapsed after
several strong aftershocks.


Memories of 2008 – when 70,000
people died in the aftermath of a 7.9 earthquake – are being triggered. This is
because that quake rocked neighboring Sichuan province.


Meanwhile in Iceland 800
people have been evacuated from near a restless volcano as it began erupting
again early this morning.


2010 is a 3 Universal Year,
indicating drama and self expression.


April is 7 Universal Month,
indicating sudden events and lightning insights.


Today is a 12/3 Universal Day,
doubling the 3 frequency for the Universal Year and triggering the 12/3 Victim


And the 14th calendar
day reduces to 5, indicating risk, adventure and sudden changes.


All this earth activity fits right
in with my forecast for 2010. As we progress towards the second half of the
year, these incidents will most likely multiply.


Numerology does not only extend to
numbers and dates.


google image.jpg

Yesterday, during a radio
interview, I was asked about the names Google and Yahoo. Was there a
significance to the double ‘O's' in each name. The answer is yes.


First of all, double letters in
names bring protection.


Secondly, the double O resembles
two eyes and symbolize someone or something with great sight or ‘sites'. You
need two eyes to ‘look' and your inner eye to read a ‘book.' The double O's
also mean you are being looked at and watched.


I have written about Google's name
before. What I will add here about the number one ranked search engine is this.
The two G's enveloping the O's – GOOG – are very symbolic.


Look at the image of the G and you
see it resembles a spiraling galaxy.


Since these two spiraling galaxies
surround the double O's, they indicate a pair of eyes spiraling out into
infinity for information and knowledge. Quite amazing.


I explain the secret symbolism
revealed in each letter of the alphabet in my latest seminar DVD package. The
information taught on these nine DVD's and manual is not available anywhere


In fact, this ‘Secrets and
Mysteries' DVD package
contains a treasure chest of revelations.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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