Last night Clay and I watched an episode of ‘John Adams’ on HBO. It’s a magnificent miniseries.
You can literally feel history come to life. This HBO production, based on David McCullough's wonderful bestseller ‘John Adams', definitely does not follow a romanticized view. Adams' life and work are portrayed so commandingly, I wanted to know more.
Amazingly, and I haven't come across this before – his name adds up to the ‘Genius Number’ in BOTH the Pythagorean and Chaldean systems. Yes, you can definitely see the genius in this extraordinary man.
He took incredible risks and was the driving force behind creating the Declaration of Independence. It takes a genius, someone who will break with the orthodox and explore untapped opportunities to risk his whole career and reputation for freedom. Thomas Jefferson called him ‘The Colossus of Independence.’ As Adams often said, initially he was one of the most hated men in Philadelphia where the Continental Congress met.
Furthermore, the Genius Numbers, 13 and 31, add up to 4. Not only was the United States of America born on the 4th of July, but John Adams died on July 4. He was the second President from March 4, 1797 until March 4, 1801.
There’s a lot more to this story, which I will reveal in one of my upcoming books.
Now here is where it gets interesting. Adams was born during a time where the Julian calendar was still in use, especially in Protestant countries such as the British Empire – including the American colonies. Not until September 1752 was the switch made to the Gregorian Calendar still in use today.
So I will look at Adams’ Life Purpose using the calendar which was in force during the time of his birth. Under the Julian calendar his vibration added up to 27/9, making him a natural leader, philosopher and man with high ideals. This humanitarian number appreciates arts and music – Adams was a musician.
His greatest happiness would have come from helping, advising and leading others.
The 27 also gave him tremendous ambition and drive. As a result there would have been people who were resentful of him, as is clearly portrayed in the HBO production. Putting these people at ease kept them from interfering in his plans. But he had to learn to do so, and Benjamin Franklin greatly aided Adams in understanding and practicing ‘the art of politics’.
Altogether, John Adams humanitarian leadership number and Double Genius Name made him a clear force and inspiration in creating a new nation. It was Adams who chose the quiet Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. The connection, fateful and otherwise, with Jefferson is a topic in itself.
It was Adams who befriended Ben Franklin – leading author, printer, satirist, politician, scientist, inventor and diplomat – and, with his help, pulled together a Continental Congress which was in disarray before his arrival from Massachusetts.
First and foremost, Adams’ name and Life Purpose Number set the stage for his incredible potential. If you have a chance, see his vibrations come to life on HBO.
If you only KNEW what your birth name, current name and birthday revealed about your Destiny you would be amazed. Every child and adult who knows the inside story of their life, is blessed. Go tread your Personal Numerology Blueprint now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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